Rules for boys

I bet you're wondering now: 'What's this shit? So not Rinatsu's style.' Well yeah you're right but it's not my problem! It all started with my new photo...

After posting this photo as my default one in various social websites a lot of dudes came to me asking if I'll marry them... NAAAAAAAH I'm just kidding, they'll be dead now if they did that. Hahahaha.
Actually I came out with the idea to write this kind of blog post because I got annoyed by stupid behaviour of guys. And some of them are so stupid that they think it's the right behaviour.
I think I chose the wrong word...
All men that are reading it... I've heard a lot of times that most of you don't know how to talk with girls. Some of you even asked me advices how to  do that. Well, there's only ONE BIG RULE for that.
You will never guess it is like that but...


Could you guess it's that simple???
I just got sooo annoyed by your all time tough ass behaving every time you talk to a girl.
    You call it cool. We call it fail. Yes, we do. On the one hand I respect those dudes who work hard to get the body they want. I accept sharing those photos on some social websites to show your buddies the progress. But putting them as a profile pic on the websites where you're trying to find some girl to talk or so...no comments dude...
    That's another huge fail. Yes, you've lived a lot of years in your life. Yes, you've archived a lot in those years. But dude...talking about it all the time without shutting up and not even letting your girl friend say anything...go fuck yourself then with all your achievements. (Some friends sometimes get so shocked when they find out that I go to music school,they get all 'why you didn't say anything about it till now???'. Because I just don't feel like flattering myself. I'm not some kind of spoilt brat...)
    Dude, you got hobbies right? Like...cars, basketball/football, casino (LOL), body building, working out... Things that girls usually don't like. The main thing is that most of those things are not just hobbies for you but also the life style. For your information, we also have hobbies and a lot of them are our lifestyle too. Hair styling, make up, skin/hair care, fashion and stuff... A lot of you don't understand our lifestyles. So do we (I'm talking about YOUR lifestyles, not ours LOL). So lets become tolerant with each other and keep in mind that you are males and we are females. Even though some of us may look so similar (by behaving, aims in lives, interests), each of us has our own life we sometimes need to have private from others if it disturbs anyone.
    It's almost the most important thing. Didn't you know that? We are HUMAN BEINGS too.
Just be yourself dang it!!! Stop acting like tough ass because you only look dumb. We are not blind. We see how awkward you look when trying to be liked by us. But you know what we like best? Your inside. So stop trying to be someone else and show some feelings. We fall in love with the one inside you, not the brick you act.
Stop wasting time being stupid.
Ahhhhhh I feel so good I finally said everything I wanted to say for such a long time. XD
I hope you enjoyed reading it but the most important YOU LEARNED something from it. I just really hope...
With love...
She-knows-you-all ~Rinatsu~
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