Sarcastic revenge

After my last blog post about some really stupid mistakes guys make when talking with girls, I gained some fans. XDD One of them is my new friend Marc who is a really awesome person. ;D He also encouraged me to write a new blog post about my 'adventures' with random dumbasses. XDD He told me this after I asked him if I should write blog post about dumbasses that are annoying me:

You should! Direct everyone through words, through pics of this man's idiotic attempt to make a fool outta you~;) <...> I think it'll be good to expose this moron!>:D
Thanks Marc for your encouragement. ;D
Back to the topic.
Today I'm being really sarcastic. Two good points about it!
  1. Losers get off very fast.
  2. I get new adventures. ;DD
Oh and FYI morons I'll talk about in this post are from one social website of my country.
Today I had two losers. That means two adventures. XD
Some random dude, I don't even remember his name, comes and says:

Hey! Gimme your number!
Dude, I don't even know your name, who the fuck are you? XD After I refused to give it, he started posting me smilies with crying faces. When I said it won't help, he just didn't reply to me anymore. That was an easy one. XDD
The chatting was one awkward shit if you ask me.
(Keep in mind that all chatting was in my mother tongue)

He: hello. ;]
Me: Hey.
He: you listen to rock?
Me: Yes.
He: and I see in your photos that you are... fashionable maybe... ;]
Me: I don't care about fashion. I have my own style. 

Apparently he doesn't know the difference between 'fashionable' and 'stylish'. But that can be forgiven. LOL.
But apparently the chat stopped here. You wonder why? Well that's simple. He also was commenting under one of my photos in photo gallery there.

He: This hairstyle is very popular among Asian women.
This is where dumbness begins. >:}

Me: Logical, because I'm interested in that.
He: Oh! So I'm not dumb at all! XD 

...you say?

Me: But your comment wasn't really clever LOL. This hairstyle is not really popular, it's more like traditional hairstyle.
He: You with your sayings like 'LOL' don't look clever also. ;]
Oooooo U mad? >:3

Me: Do you even know what it means?
He: Yes
Me: Doesn't look like. XDDD
After posting his last comment he just...disappeared!! XDDD I couldn't see his profile or anything. It showed me that the user doesn't exist anymore. Wow!! That was a really easy and stupid one dude. ;DD I dunno what's the reason of running away from me like that but I guess he's afraid I will haunt him till death. Yeah, that's the reason... XDD
Anyways, today I remembered good old times. And I started feeling evil again. Yeah evil...

(click HERE if you want to see what that weird and scary thing is)
Sweet revenge... =w=
Have a nice night without nightmares!! Keep in mind that after reading this you can be cursed by Rinatsu's evil curse!!! Naaaah I'm just kidding. XD ILY all. ;D
Enjoy the adventures of your life. Bye bye!~ *hugs*
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