4 Day Vacations

Guess who had the most awesome vacations ever? ^^

This week, on Tuesday my boyfriend and I went to the sea. Planned 2 days of vacations became 3 and finally 4... XD
What is the most amazing that I spent all the time with the person I love. Whole 4 days. :3 And I got few awesome photos!~ ^-^
Get ready!

We left city about 8.30am. I was sleepy almost all the way. x.x But managed to catch some nice photos like these cute windmills on the way there. ^^

Road with a good music.~ (>w<)\m/ 

Sea shore with bunch of birds standing there and chilling. XD

Awesome breakfast at amazing restaurant 'de Cuba' with gorgeous exterior and garden on the 3rd day. ^-^ 
Spaghetti and Latte Macchiato. :3  NOMNOMNOM~~
Because I love. ^-^ 

Marine Terminal

Dog's statue on the dock with written words: 'Love...Believe..and Wait' :}
Boy's statue. Waving for leaving ships. ^^
Me and my boyfriend. :3 Doing nonsenses. :'D
View from the love's shoulder... ^-^ 

After 4 awesome days at the sea we had to leave... T^T It was so sad but it's okay because all memories will stay in my head and in my heart... :3 
You can also find these photos on my deviantART.
Enjoy, favourite and comment!~ I would really appreciate that. ^^
Stay happy guys.