DIY: Amigurumi Strawberry

[NOTE: If you live in Lithuania, and want me to make one like this for you just write a comment under this blog post and we'll make a deal about it. ;} OR visit my shop]

It's been eternity since I posted some serious DIY post. And I already have a list of stuff I need to share tutorials of with ya! First of all: strawberry. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Use a so called 'snail crochet', meaning that you must not connect rounds with slip stitches.

sc - single crochet
st - stitch
ch - chain
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
sc2tog - single crochet 2 stitches together


You can either make 5 or 6 cm long strawberry. If you want to make 5cm big strawberry skip the red part in the instructions.

6cm strawberry

5cm straberry (visibly smaller)

Make a magic ring and crochet 6 scs.
Round 1: Make 2scs in each st. [12sts]
Round 2: Work with sc in each st. [12sts]
Round 3: Make 2scs in every second st. [18sts]
Round 4: Work with sc in each st. [18sts]
Round 5: Make 2scs in every third st. [24sts]
Round 6-7: Work with sc in each st. [24sts]
Round 8: Make 2scs in every fourth st. [30sts]
Round 9-10: Work with sc in each st. [30sts]
Round 11: Make 2scs in every fifth st. [36sts]
Round 12-13: Work with sc in each st. [36sts]
Round 14: Make 2scs in every sixth st. [42sts]
Round 15-16: Work with sc in each st. [42sts]
Round 17: Sc2tog every sixth st. [36sts]
Round 18: Work with sc in each st. [36sts]
Round 19: Sc2tog every fifth st [30sts]
Round 20: Work with sc in each st. [30sts]
Round 21: Sc2tog every fourth st. [24sts]
Round 22: Sc2tog every third st. [18sts]
Round 23: Sc2tog every second st. [12sts]
Round 24: Sc2tog every st. [6sts]
Fasten off.


Make a magic ring and crochet 6scs.
Round 1: *ch 6, sc 5 from the second ch* repeat 6 times
Round 2: *sc on the base, dc (starting going up), hdc, hdc, sc, sc, 3scs on the very top, sc, sc, hdc, hdc, dc* repeat 6 times
Fasten off

I have this scheme I drew. I knoooow it's really messy and complicated looking but I hope it will help at least a little bit!

Make a cute smiley face, attach leaves and you got cutie amigurumi strawberry!!

All credits go to me. No one helped me making this, it all came from my mind.

And now, lets enjoy those beautiful cuties. (^v^)

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial as well as the others I've shared with ya. If you have any questions, post a comment under this post. I'll be glad to help. (◕‿◕✿)

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Double Easter Trouble

Hello my dearest readers ♥

It's been a while and I'm feeling really guilty (as usual)... Having so much drama in my life kinda makes my head blank. I'm sooo uninspiring... 

Anyways.. Happy Easter y'all! I even made my Facebook profile a nice cover for this beautiful holiday hahaha.

(I used Star Wars font FYI (⊙ヮ⊙) )

What's with the trouble? Well, unfortunately, this year Easter is the same day as my b-day. Meaning..all friends are out of town or visiting relatives, nomning eggs and leaving me behind... (╯︵╰,)
But it's okay, I had a really nice time 'cause my sis came and we did a little photoshoot. (*´・v・)

Happy me! Thank you for the flowers for my mom's dearest friend

And here's me with my dearest sister ♥

This year my birthday started almost week before with presents already. From my bf, from mom's friend and omg omg omg I got a package from my dearest friend Kevin! That was probably the best present ever!! He knows me so well. Omg I know that I'm just being a bragging brat but omg omg omg I was already wowing when I saw SHINee's lightstick... 
  • SHINee is one of my favourite Kpop groups and lightstick is that thingie that Kpop fans have in live concerts. It looks so awesome in darkness during concerts. Being on stage is not so scary anymore when you see such a beautiful sight (from artist's perspective)! For example:
BIGBANG's live

Has no idea what concert is that. Probably whole Entertainment's live show

Anyways, take a look at my SHINee's lightstick!!!

It's soooo SHINee!!! ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ Get it, get it? It's like a group SHINee hahaha. No? Okay.

So as I was saying, I was wowing when I saw this already but no, that's not all. Then I saw SHINee's 2nd album LUCIFER laying in the box!!! My jaw accidentally dropped on the ground for few minutes, had to excuse myself and get my consciousness back...

The booklet is just dhkdalsjhkfuialekgshskdjs. Again, had to excuse myself 'cause I couldn't stop drooling looking at every pic and had problems with running saliva... Yes, I know this album is really old but omg it's really important to me 'cause I fell in love with SHINee from this album. ♥

I got some beautiful yarns too!!! Any ideas what kind of crocheted beauties I could make with these??

Hey, even Google congratulated me. That's nice. Thanks, Google!

Writing this post really late. Easter ended, so did my birthday but thanks to my bf and his best friend I got really drunk yesterday and that's how I celebrated my b-day lol.

Have a beautiful week! As far as I know there's gonna be this thing called Sunday after Easter (probably?), also kinda important celebration so keep your stomachs ready for another portion of eggs. Omnomnomnom.

My next blog post is going to be (probably) about me bragging about how I lost weight, dyed my hair and also raging about late spring which loves trolling...

See you soon me dearest readers! (✿◠‿◠)
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