DIY: Beautiful Shawl

~ ~ With scheme explanations! ~ ~ 

While surfing through my older posts I noticed one little thing I promised to do long time ago but didn't... ¬ ¬
And I was thinking about taking photo of my shawl <...> that I have made long time ago but I was also too lazy <...> I will do that other day. <...> --- Crochet more please
Yeah, baka me. So I decided not just take a photo (which I already have) but also to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) blog post!~ ^w^ Yay for Rina!~

I am 176cm tall so you can see how big the shawl is. And yeah this is a very old photo since you can see that I'm still with my natural hair colour. XD
Close up of the pattern:

The pattern of this shawl is SUPER DUPER simple:

Scheme No.1 is for the main part of shawl. You start with 3 chains, follow the instructions and it gets bigger and bigger!
Scheme No.2 is for the end. You can make as many of these as you like. I made two lines and then I put fringes on every second loop.
Scheme explanations:

The main rules for making this are very short and clear:
  • The longer hair, the more vivid colour thread has, the longer fringes are - the more magnificent and fancy shawl is.
  • The shorter hair, the more simple colour - the more casual shawl is.
- - -
It took me whole summer to make this shawl. XD But the main reason was because shop ran out of yarns that I needed so I had to order and wait for them to arrive. XDD Actually it was good to have a few breaks during my work so I wasn't annoyed by it or so. :3
really recommend you doing it if you love crocheting. Because most of the shawls I saw has very difficult patterns and everyone, really, EVERYONE can do this one without lots of hard work. :3
Good luck!~ ^w^
Sharing and caring ~Rinatsu~
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Sleep, eat, study

totally lost my mind. I wanted to tell you: Wow!! So this is my first post this year!! But yeah I pwned myself when I saw that I already posted one before in 2011... XD

I sucked at my first post. I actually wanted to wish everyone really really happy New Year!!! What kind of resolutions did you make? In fact I made none. O_O And it's really weird since I always make some. XD
Any ways, a few weeks ago, one of my blog's readers wrote me on Facebook! You can't imagine how glad I am to meet new people who try to find something more about my life through my blog!!~ ^^
What can I say now? My life is a total routine. Just like the title says. I just sleep, eat and study. Again and again. =_=

Oh hello there! Gosh how I hate this book...
Even though I'm busy with this...nonsense, I find time to taste new beer that appeared in my country!!! XD

Well, it's really not the best beer I've ever tasted but it's not the worst! By the way it is rather strong. u_u All in all I L-O-V-E the design of this bottle A LOT. XD
Even though routine and studies are killing me, I came back to my biggest hobby about a year ago. Guess what's that? Crocheting! ~(^w^)~
(Awesome composition I made... OwO)
If you are wondering what is this orange thing you can check my post about it here: Crochet more please | Yeah, as you can see I have a really big problem when it comes to finishing my works. D: I could count this as a resolution for this New Year, right? XD Always finished works you started!!! Anyways, I've finally finished it, check out my DIY tutorial of this beautiful sweater. ♥
By the way! I became super duper obsessed with curls. Although I always was! But I don't remember when I used my straightener (except for my bangs). And I actually came back to my past style. Cutie butterfly girl!!!~ XDDD

LOL! I guess I will never grow up... XD Although I'm almost 19... ¬ ¬ Haha!
I wish you aren't as bored and tired as I am recently and I hope you are having a great time!~ ^^ And if you are my blog's reader and you are interested don't be shy to write me! I'm extremely happy when someone writes for me. :3 ♥
Thank you everyone!~ ~Rinatsu~
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The power of cuteness

Did you know that I'm a cartoon addict? XD I watch almost every cartoon on TV. Do you know which is my favourite? Spongebob Squarepants!!! XDD ♥ Yeah, I'm totally crazy. But this isn't what I wanted to tell you...

I just watched a really cute Disney film called 'Bolt'. It's about a cute white doggy. I mean really really really cute. :3

See? Said so!!! ^w^ Awwww he's just so huggable!!! >w< And you know what he reminds me? My doggyyyy!!!~ ^w^
This film was sooo amazing. I really enjoyed watching it and after that I just went to hug my cute doggy. Having a dog is just amazing. He's just like a human friend. You love him and he loves you. He's so loyal that he can really die because of you. My dear cutie, ILY! ^w^ ♥♥♥
My cute little foxy. ♥♥♥

BTW check out my cutie sleeping when he was about 3-4 months old. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!

Furry, loving and cute ~RINATSU~
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