Resolve - Japanese fonts for Google Chrome and more!

(Note for those who understand Japanese:  Sorry if this is some kind of perverted text or something that is extremely stupid. XDD I don't understand so much yet. Gomenasai. *bows* It was just to give more nicely look.)
Ok guys, I got some great news for you who have Google Chrome and have some problems with Japanese kanji and stuff. Most of newer computers with newer operational systems alouds to easily download foreign languages on your computer to use and be able to read their different characters but having old computer with old operational system gives a lot of troubles and you can't always just download it that easily.
I saw that lots of people are asking question what should they do, 'cause instead of Japanese there are just squares. I had the same problem. I don't have my operational system CD, I can't download full Japanese language pack. So accidentally I found resolve for this problem. Long ago I was downloading Japanese - Lithuanian dictionary and there were Japanese fonts added.
They work really good!! Try to download them and add to your Fonts folder. Should be in your main softwares' disc like mine: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts Here you should find all of your fonts. ;] And if it doesn't work... Then you'll have to bother yourself and every time you turn on your computer and want to surf into Japanese websites, you'll have to open & exit, open & exit these both font files. But it's worth it, right? ;]]
Oh, and if it worked, don't forget to say: THANK YOU!!! ;PP
Also, if you are having some problems visit the very first page this blog post appeared and read comments to find the answer or write your question under this post!
Problems settler ;DD ~Rinatsu~
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New web browser: Google Chrome

Hah, these few days was like...renovation or something. Now I feel like..: 'Yeah, I'm cool...' XDDD I finally updated my Skype version. Geez, it was sooo old. Terribly. Newest version now is 4.1, and mine was 3.8!!!!! I feel ashamed... And you know what reason it is?! MY EX!!! And you know why?! 'Cause he told me that new Skype version sucks. And you know what?! I BELIEVED him. Why? WHY??!! I don't know. But time goes and I'm starting to see that I was really dumb to believe everything he said and recommended to me. I feel stupid now. But anyways, I'm really happy with my new version of Skype. ;]
Oh, and also my friend made me change my web browser. Ahh... He was so annoying saying: 'Change it, change it'. And I was like: 'Why?' And he: ''Cause Chrome is the best one'. Ok... XDD (it looks like I'm some American teenager when I tell you our conversation... XDDD) So, I'm really really happy with my new browser, it's fast, it's nice. You can choose your own design from various skins/themes and it's really cool. I'm not sure if I remember right but I guess I saw that you can make your own skin/theme. But I'm not really sure about it. ;]

So there are my cool renovations. Yeah! It's really good, I'm happy. Ah, but just one bad thing about Chrome is that it don't read any Japanese kanji or other Asian languages. I have read that not all Chrome users have this problem. As far as I know, Windows does these stupid things.

But I found solution for this problem! Check my next post HERE!!!

Skypish Chromish ~Rinatsu~
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Little cute BEE~

So, I decided to continue my handmade stuff uploading here. This time it's BEEeeEE. ;DD Made it for school project 'Bee'. Obvious, isn't it? ;D

Cute, isn't it? ^^ Especially smile. XDD
When I was making this cutie I was kinda thinking about my friend TechnoBee. So it's kinda dedicated to her. But I'm starting to forgot about it. She is so busy... No time to chat at all...
I was surfing all over my computer and I saw that I don't have more photos of my handame work. O_O Yeah... And I'm sooo lazy to take a photo of it, so maybe when I have mood, I'll take photos and I upload it here. ;]
Oh, and I'm willing to go photoshooting in the city center. Maybe next week. 'Cause I kinda promised my friend to show my photoshooting. Ah, and he is really annoying so I have to do it ASAP... XDD
So comment, maybe? What do you think about my bee bee?~ ^^
BzzZzz... ~Rinatsu~
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New Year's present

So yeah! I even get presents during New Year! Very very cute plush toy - THE DOG. To be honest - dalmantinian. Double kawaii. ;PPP

We even had a photoshooting together. ;D

A very short blog post... *awkwad* But I really like that plushie doggie. :'D

Plushie ~Rinatsu~

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Table-napkin that won ;P

I thought that it would be great idea to put some hand-made stuff that was made by me of course. ;P So, my first job put here was my made cap. So now I will show you nice table-napkin. It’s really really simple. I was making it just for fun. Had nothing to do. And then teacher saw me doing it and asked me to give it to her so she could bring it to mother’s day exhibition. So, that’s how it became laureate. ;D

It is 50×50 cm

Geez… Then I think about it… I didn’t even see that exhibition… O_o



1/2 Prince and G-Dragon the same person?!!! O_o

A little spoiler who hasn’t read 1/2 Prince yet, but you have to see this – comparison with…G-DRAGON (a Korean singer from boy band called BIGBANG)!!!

Well, maybe you’ll think that I’m totally crazy, but please think about it. Ever since I started to read 1/2 Prince and I saw that he sings (as you’ll find out later that he has a band), I always campared him to G-Dragon. Yeah, I know that Prince sings really different songs, but I still compared them. I always imagined how Prince is singing ‘She’s Gone’. XDDD Oh, but everything got really complicated when I saw this pic of G-Dragon… O_O

Compare this photo with these two:

Just integrate these two pics… (OK, I know that first pic tells everything, but in second pic Prince’s glare is totally like G-Dragon’s. And in first one, Prince’s expression is the same as GD’s. So just integreate these too) And…is it just me or Prince and G-Dragon is the same person? XDDDDD Ok, LOL. XDDD But this is really strange. O_O

Nose bleed… Gaaah… *_* ~Rinatsu~
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Manhua PREVIEW: 1/2 Prince

Hey guys!

I just thought that I need to start writing manga (manhua and other stuff) previews. I'm sooo into it these days. Well, not just these days. A few months now. But I guess I will forget it soon, so I MUST write it down. XDD I won't write oneshot manga previews, 'cause everyone knows. Simple, short... Even laziest (is this word is right? XD ) person won't be so lazy to read one volume manga... Duh...

Firstly, I have to tell you where I'm reading manga and other countries stuff 'cause yeah, sometimes there are baka people who can't find free websites. Stupidity much? O_o So I'm reading them at www.mangafox.com and www.onemanga.com.

So, my first review: '1/2 Prince' or sometimes (rarely) called 'Half Prince'

It is Taiwanese manhua.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Series Info

Title: 1/2 Prince 
Alternate Title: Half Prince
Categories: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, gender bender, manhua, sci-fi, shoujo, shounen
Author: Yu Wo
Artist: Choi Hong Chong
Chapters: 39 - ongoing - monthly

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ok, let's stop this nonsense. This manhua is second in my favorites list!!!!!!! If you like sexy bishies then this manhua is definitely for you!!! ;PPP And talking about serious parts... I can tell that drawing style is really nice. It plays really huge part for me when choosing manga/manhua, so when I saw this, it really won my heart. ;DD

Check out my album in Photobucket (just a bit below this awesome photo) where you will find some scans from manhua and also scans from some really amazing art book (drawn NOT by Choi Hong Chong). Where you will see pics like that *coughs* :

Direct link to this gallery: http://s1034.photobucket.com/albums/a428/RinatsuChan/Half%20Prince/

Oh, and my favorite characters are Prince of course, and Wicked. Aaaaah. *_*

Oh, and who you prefer more? Prince X Gui? Or Prince X Wicked? ;D

Oooh... It's a pity that I couldn't find any 1/2 Prince fanlistings... Got any suggestions?! ;D

Aaahhh... Too much bishies... *_* ~Rinatsu~
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OHMI TOMU! (fanlisting)

You are sitting and thinking...'WTH is that OHMI?!'? Well, the answer is really simple. She is one of mangakas. Here I will include some of her personal information. ^^


Name in native language (Japanese):


Birth place: Hokkaido, Japan
Birth date: May 25
Zodiac: Gemini
Comments: Ohmi sensei's first volume was Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou. Also can be seen as OOMI TOMU. Name in Chinese is: 大海十梦
Likes: monsters, red tea, stamps and beautiful ladies.
Blood type: B
Gender: Female
Genres: Josei (8), Romance (7), Smut (6), Supernatural (6), Drama (5), Comedy (3).
Series Titles: 
  • Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou (Josei, Romance, Supernatural)
  • Barairo My Honey (Comedy, Josei, Romance, Supernatural)
  • Kindan no Koi de Ikou (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
  • Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
  • Love Cruise (Comedy, Drama, Josei, Smut)
  • Midnight Secretary (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
  • Tsumiyori Amai Ai ni Oborete (Comedy, Josei, Romance, Smut)
  • Zoku - Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
- - -
As for myself I have read Love Cruise. It's one shot anime. Funny, interesting. Rather simple ^^

AND the best manga that I ever read was: KINDAN NO KOI DE IKOU!!! THE BEST!!!!

It is one story separated into 3 mangas. You have to read in this sequence:
  1. Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
  2. Zoku - Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
  3. Kindan no Koi de Ikou
I have read all. And OMG can you believe, that when I was reading it, I thought that I am reading my own story!! Sometimes I was a bit afraid to read more ( XDDD ), 'cause soooo many coincidence with my past in that manga. So, I'm really recommending all Supernatural and Mature Content Manga fans to read it. Definitely!!! ^^ Oh oh!!! I almost forgot. If you are a fan of Ohmi Tomu. Don't be lazy and join a fanlisting!!! Oh, you can see a name in the first page!!! Newest member... Hah. Wanna change it? Join!!! ;DD
P.S.: Doesn't this avatar looks stupid? I like it!!! XDDD

Totally into manga ~Rinatsu~
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Grey Essence eyeshadow

Hey everyone! I'm extending my make up collection. I'm not a professional or something, but it would be really nice if I would. ;DD When I was just a kid, my dream was to become a cosmetologist. ;DD Well, I think I want that even today. But not so much as earlier. ^^

I started to get interested in make up thingies not so long ago. You know Michelle Phan? She inspired me. Really. I admire her really much.

For me, it was  just a simple black pencil and mascara. But when I saw Michelle Phan doing her make up, I decided that I should start to take care of my beauty more. So later it became more important to me. Well yeah, there are sometimes days when you are sooo lazy that you just berely put your mascara on, but we shouldn't talk about that. Haha. ;DD

So, last month I bought a new eye shadow! I was searching for totally, or not so totally but black color. Unfortunately, the shadows I found were too expencive for me. T_T So I think I'll buy black later.

So... What can I say about this eyeshadow? Well, I was hoping it will be darker, but anyways it's still good. Very shimmering. Also it's Midnight Collection Limited Edition. So if you like those dark, vampyrish things, you HAVE to get this. ;DD It's not expensive, and it's quality is good. Talking about shadows, pencils, lip glosses and nail polishes. Mascaras isn't good thing in Essence... But, well, if your lashes have volume, I guess you can use Essence mascara, 'cause almost all mascara gives length. I, personally, didn't try this and don't want, 'cause I'm sure that I don't get a result that I was hoping to get.

Anyways... Back to topic. ;DD I took a few pics of how it looks outside. It's outside is really nice. On the shadow are a little trees that looks really nice. Did I mention it is really shimmering? ;DD

See little cute trees? I'm carefully taking eyeshadow from the sides, I don't want to ruin it! >.< XDD

I guess it's pretty good purchase. I don't really know where to find it besides Lithuania. But you can find it in Germany. For sure. 'Cause they made it there. ^^

Shadowy and vampyrish ~Rinatsu~
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