First trip to London!!! Part I

Hey guys! Yes, I've been gone again but if you've been following me on Instagram or Twitter you know that I've been to London few weeks ago! I guess I was too lazy to spam my social sites with photos, so I'm just posting it all here. Gee, what's better than photos with a whole story under them?

First of all, SQUIRRELS!!! I love them, seriously. Even though my boyfriend's friend said that grey squirrels are bad, overpopulated, which lead to extinction (almost) of red squirrels on the main island. Yes, they are a lot bigger than red squirrels and can weight around 600g in winter (gaining around 120g) when red squirrels gain only around 25g during winter. Fatsoes!! Lmao. But still...squirrels!!! Why I'm saying this? Because I've never been this close to a squirrel before. I have heard stories that there are a lot of animals in UK who aren't afraid of humans at all but didn't imagine I would experience that!

Sorry for the narrow view, I keep forgetting that I need to record in horizontal position lol.

It was my first time seeing bikes standing just like that. A super easy (I think) way to rent a bike all over London. After looking at the price list for a couple of minutes I realised that it's too confusing lol and decided that it's cheaper to just get your own bike or use a public transport lol.

This was one of the most majestic buildings I saw that day. Seriously amazing. And sooooo many people in one place!!! A lot of them coming in and out but most of them just sitting around. I don't blame them, the atmosphere is amazing.

Oh yeah, FIY it's a British Musem. XD We just went straight in looking for a ticket sale booth. After seeing people just coming in and going straight to the show rooms and guard dgaf we were a bit confused but having a free pass around a huge museum is so awesome!

I think this was one of the first exhibits we saw. One of the most memorable for sure lol. Dat booty.

And this is how duck face was born... One of the funniest exhibits in the museum lmao.

After walking around and feeling kinda lost we walk into this beautiful place. The roof is so amazing!

We're so pretty. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I just had to use my boyfriend for the size comparison. xD Someone's tomb. Okay, that seriously creeped me out knowing that someone's inside. D:

Here's my boyfriend looking freaking amaze. He wish he was this tall. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

And now he's making funny faces this woman because he wish his head was this strong to hold a freaking roof lmao. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Everything looks so majestic...

Fist bumping the history o (^‿^✿)

So sad this pic looks like crap. It looked so amazing. Deep dark colours and everything. ( T⌓T )

So this one is the last pic from the museum. And which just HAD to come out blurry... u___u It is one of the Macedonian times corona. Well, if it was not that blurry I would challenge you to find 3 cicadas and 1 bee because that's how it is called haha. So awesome.

I guess what amazed me the most was the room full of building parts from Greece. It was underground and the smell when you went down there was just...I dunno maybe I'm imagining or maybe it's just a smell of some preserving chemicals but the smell was so...old. You know, that smell when you visit some few hundred years old building. I kinda love that smell, makes me feel so weird and think about how would it be to live in the past...

We haven't even walked around whole museum! It was too big and we came too late haha, guard was already guiding everyone out (although there were still lots of people coming in! When do they actually close??). But we promised to come back next time we visit London. 。◕‿◕。

Since I don't want to flood you all with photos I am finishing my part I and hoping to show you part II very soon! ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣

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Super Awesome Veggie Sandwich

I'm going to show you a really awesome vegetarian hot sandwich. It's so awesome and delicious words can't describe it. The recipe is SUPER DUPER simple so it is one of those things that I took from Lithuania and still doing here in UK. I used to make it together with mom at least once a week haha.

Here's how you do it:

1. A lot of onions on a bread of your choice.

2. Sweet pointed pepper or any paprika you like.

3. Tomatoes.

4. Cover everything with slices of cheese. I am using mild cheddar.

5. A bit of ketchup, dill, basil and mild chilli powder. You can also add cajun spice, it adds a really nice taste. I ran out of it now unfortunately lol.
Pop in the microwave for about 2 minutes or until cheese has melted.

Make some tea in the meantime. Yes the cup is empty because I was waiting for the water to boil lol. And this perfect cup is from my dear friend Maria from Greece ♥

6. Perfection~ 
Yeah my phone died and I just went upstairs from the kitchen and started eating while waiting for the phone to charge enough lol.

Don't like veggie stuff? You can always add meat! Actually I always add meat lol but I ran out of it too haha. What kind of meat? Any kind of meat!! Sausage, pepperoni, chicken slices, ham... Anything you can think of (as long as it's not raw lol)! I used to add pickles too in Lithuania but I rarely have pickles in the fridge now so that's an optional ingredient haha.

Enjoy this perfection and bon appetit!~

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