I haven't told you, but I started earning money in the internet. XDD I know that lots of people are against this and don't believe it. Well I actually don't believe it much too... But I just do that when I'm bored. ;D Anyways, what I do is clicking advertisements. One day I surfed into this and everything I could think was... WTF?!?!?!

(click picture for a bigger view)

Conclusion: EPIC Facebook Farmville FAIL


Crochet more please

Even though I am really lazy these days, I remembered my really old work that I started about 1,5 years ago. And I still hadn't finished it!!! I can't believe how lazy I am and now I'm trying to finish it. I was trying to draw some plan to help me finish faster and more productive. So yesterday my bed was...hm...kinda messy... XDD

And yeah you can say that my bed is super childish. I won’t be mad. ‘Cause anyways, Facebook said that my true age is 12… XDDD

And I was thinking about taking photo of my shawl (that green thing in the left) that I have made long time ago but I was also too lazy to think about good place to put that and also I need model or something. Don’t know. I will do that other day. XD
Sooo this is a little close up to my work (sweater):

This is my plan and progress. Well, wish me luck! I will definitely show you my finished work. ^_^
Ganbattene Rina-chan!!~
P.S.: Sweater is already done, please check my blog post with DIY tutorial for this awesome sweater. ^^
Crochet me ~Rinatsu~
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Kaoru and Shou wallpapers up!~

Ok, so this is the first time me doing some wallpapers.
Because I am still infected with Photoshop mania, I decided to do something useful. ;D
Everything I've done is layering, blending, smudging and stuff... Playing with colours and shadows, adding right things in the right place.
I don't like all those wallpapers for one person but with sooo many photos of him from different photoshooting or concerts and sooo many text on it. I like more minimalistic ones. ^^
So this is my work that I've done. It was rather fast but fun to do!

. Guitarist from Dir en Grey.
Click on the image to open full sized wallpaper.
Actual image size: 1024x768

Shou. Vocalist from alice nine.
Click on the image to open full sized wallpaper.
Actual image size: 1024x768

- - -
I'm really tired after this week. And today I also had some stuff to do. Even though I was just walking, taking photos and having a bit fun, I still feel really tired after yesterday... My legs really hurt. T_T
Anyways, I'm thinking about doing some entry about the best make up guru in the world, Michelle Phan's, make up videos!! I want to show you some of my work and experiments based on her amazing tutorials. ^^ Make up is a huge art. ;]
Visit Michelle Phan's channel on youtube HERE.
- - -
BY THE WAY!!! I got my camera back on Wednesday. I am sooo happy that I was taking photos of almost everything all these two days. XD Finally I can do my project (365 photos) and I'm hoping I won't be lazy to do that. You can visit my project called '365 photos'. If you got some photography project too, send me a link! I would like to see that.
Always passionate about art ~Rinatsu~
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Photoshop experimenting day


Hey guys! I feel a bit strange 'cause I have spent all my day on experimenting with Photoshop. Hahaha just joking not all day but kinda a lot of time. So I thought about posting few of my results that I saved here! I didn't do much but I really gained some good experience and learned a lot of simple things that I didn't know. Gosh... Feel awkward... Anyways I found really really nice website! 7 beautiful Photoshop tutorials. Well they are very simple, very short and more advantaged people won't get interested, but I'm not like that so learning even little things is what I need.
Soooo presenting you first thing that I have done today. It's effect for blending and retouching a dark photo! You can find tutorial here. And my result (upper one is BEFORE and lower one is AFTER):

I did everything as it was written in tutorial just I didn't put blur on my face. I like this kind of look. Effect is wonderful. I'm thinking about making a header with a part of my lips for my Opera community profile. ;D
Next experiment that I have done today is related with this tutorial but I have made totally different look. ;D It was true experiment. Well because result didn't actually became as I expected, I saw that I can make something even more interesting. I played with colours and this to came out:

So I tried something Bohemian!! I don't know if it went good or not. But while making it I was thinking about my friend who is into Bohemian and Hippie stuff. XDD Well yeah my Bee if you ever see this pic, I guess you will love it. ;DD

What I did? Just played with the Channels, colours and added cute bohemian texture. I used this texture but you can also have a look at other textures which can be found and downloaded here.
Well maybe that background don't look really natural but I still love it. ^^
So, what can I say... Today I had lots of fun making these! They aren't all that I have done today, but these are the best ones. ^^
Hey and visit this site!!! ~this site~ (XD) I really like it. So cute and sweet. ^^
So that's all for today!
P.S.: Oh, maybe tomorrow I'll try new tutorial that I found here, on wordpress. ;P Hehe. ^^
Obsessed with Photoshop ~Rinatsu~
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Idler, sluggard, slacker, lazybones? ~Tinginys~

Lietuviškas recepto variantas žemiauuuu. ;]
This time, title don't say anything. XD I was cleaning my computer files when I found cool photo of sweet dessert which I have made about two months ago.  Looking at it I decided to put a recipe for it! I'm going to write it in two languages 'cause it is very well known dessert in Lithuania and I guess lots of people would like to know really simple way to make it. ;]
Lietuviškas recepto variantas žemiauuuu. ;P

Basically it is biscuits & cocoa fridge cake. In Lithuanian called 'Tinginys'. Which means idler, sluggard, slacker, lazybones or whatever. You get what I mean, right? ;D Anyways, this is the recipe how to make this super delicious sweet desert.
You'll need:

1 can of condensed milk (about 400g/200ml)

700g of the most simple biscuits without any flavouring

2 table spoons of cocoa powder

200g of butter

Optional: If you want to add more flavour you can add nuts, marmalade sweets or raisins.
Chop up biscuits in a bowl with your hand to small pieces. (if you are going to add nuts, marmalade sweets or raisins, put those in the bowl with chopped biscuits)
Dissolve butter on low heat in a steam basin (put a bowl with butter on a pot of boiling water). While stirring add condensed milk and cocoa powder. Stir till mass becomes solid (I mean without lumps).
Pour mass into the bowl with chopped biscuits and stir everything up well.
Put everything into baking tray/rectangular bowl/strong transparent bag used for food. (you choose)
Put that into the fridge and after 4 hours are able to eat! Or if you are extremely hungry, put that into freezer. And you’ll be able to eat in hour or two. ;D

Jums reikės:

1 skardinės kondensuoto pieno
700g paprastų “arbatinių” sausainių; pvz.: “Gaidelis”
2 šaukštų kakavos
200g sviesto
Jeigu norite, galite pagal skonį įdėti bet kokių riešutų, marmeladinių saldainių ar razinų.
Sausainius rankomis susmulkinkite į dubenį. (jeigu dedate priedų, t.y. riešutų, marmeladinių saldainių ar razinų, juos taip pat sudėkite į tą patį dubenį)
Ištirpinkite sviestą vandens vonelėje (dubenį su sviestu išlydyti uždėjus and puodo su verdančiu vandeniu). Maišant supilkite kondensuotą pieną ir kakavą. Maišykite kol masė pasidarys vientisa (be gumuliukų).
Užpilkite masę ant sausainių ir viską gerai išmaišykite.
Sudėkite viską į kepimo formą/indą/tvirtą permatomą maišelį ir atsargiai išminkykite į norimą formą. Kai kurie žmonės tiesiog susuka viską į celofaną ir suformuoją dešrąąąą.
Įdėkite į šaldytuvą ir laikykite ten 4 valandas. Jei labai jau esate išalkę, tai galite įdėti į šaldymo kamerą ir po valandos ar dviejų galėsi mėgautis nuostabiu skoniu. Mmmm…
Gero apetito!!!~
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Spring started... Yeah... (very short PS work)

Today is amazing day. First day of spring. I'm sooo happy about that! ^^ Congratulations everyone! This year, differently than usual, spring is coming really fast. So much ice already melted and sun is shining sooo much!!!~
Yeah right... That's how it WAS. But now it isn't... Can you believe that weather can totally change in one day? Well, it actually can. Especially after the first day of spring. What happened then:
1) Weather was so nice, almost everything melted, it wasn't cold outside at all but lots of water EVERYWHERE, which made my feet totally wet 'till I got home after a long time.
2) I saved a lot of money because I walked a lot and finally my friend's father took me home.
3) I took a lot of photos everywhere and even I look kinda nice in them. ;DD
4) I broke my camera... T_T So my photo project '365 photos' stopped for a few weeks. (I forgot I haven't told you much about that yet.)
5) Weather went terrible the same day in the night. Lots of snow again!!! AHHHHH!!!!! >.<
6) Oh, right, the Internet was down for about two days so I wasn't able to post this cheerful post! So now it went out like full of despair... (This interesting word went to my head 'cause now I'm listening to D'espairsRay. XDD )
Anyways in these days I was kinda like PS maniac again. Also my friend asked me to do our picture with some effects 'cause she is totally dumb at computers and especially PS. XDD So this is kinda nice and extremely SIMPLE work that I've done. No more than half hour was taken to make it.

(Yeah I blurred her face 'cause I care about other people's privacy. But I guess if she saw her looking like this she would kill me. I hope she won't see... XDDD)
What I did? I made it black-and-white, coloured our eyes, made them kinda shiny, blurred everything a bit and made our eyes, eyebrows and lips not blurred for more effect while looking at it. Totally simple but it looks nice and not so simple. ;]
Anyways, my tea is cold again... -_-
PS cool photo maker XDD ~Rinatsu~
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