Extreme changes!

Good evening readers!! ^w^

Today I'm feeling AWESOME. Yesterday I dyed my hair!!! Remember this?
P.S.: I'm gonna dye my hair for the first time on Thursday!!!!!! I'm damn excited and can't wait for it!! Willing to show you photos later!!!~ --- 2010.11.30
So yeah. I wanted to make them soft orange, but things changed and I have them almost blond now. Well, there are a little bit shade of orange.. XDD ALSO I HAVE BANGS!!!! XD ♥ I haven't got bangs for about 3-4 years. I actually missed them a little. :3
Here are the some pics!


Yeaaaaah hair dresser cut it a lot. But I actually missed my shorter hair!! I'm sitting now with a tied up ponytail and it is so short, curly and cute!!! ^w^ ♥ I just love it.
By the way, I dunno how things will go with my bangs, since my hair likes to curl and so. Oh well, no I will need to take GOOD CARE of them. ;D
I am so extremely HAPPY with my new look!!! ^w^
Don't like - don't watch. That's what I always say. ;P
BTW! Sometimes it looks like I am an European version of Jessica Jung from Girls' Generation (SNSD). LMAO! Well, I actually tried to copy her hairstyle which is awesome. :3 And my friend said that I look like Korean girl! ;D YAY for my Asian roots!! XDD ♥
P.S.: I think that I'm on the edge of getting cold... I'm not feeling very well. XP So I just made a healthy BOMB. Healthy tea with honey and some cocoa butter. I hope it'll help since I really want to go out tomorrow... X(((
Extremely changed ~Rinatsu~
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When imagination takes you away...

I ♥ handmade stuff. Handmade toys, handmade clothes, handmade decorations and so on...

A few years ago I was OBSESSED with making these kind of things. But sadly, I don't do it anymore... >< The thing is, I don't have time and patience for it. But I still love looking at these kind of things or looking for some patterns on the internet.
Today, I want to show you awesome pattern how to make a cute owlet!!
When you master your skill you can always turn on your imagination and make some awesome things. >w<
This is what happens when your imagination takes you away... ;D Fantasy... (The owlet didn't went out as cute as I planned so I just upgraded it. XDD)
~ ~ By the way, this photo was taken from my '365 project' on My Opera. ^^ ~ ~
Here is the link to that awesome website, where are A LOT of cute stuff patterns and other cute and cuddly posts. ^w^ Roman Sock
I don't know what about you, but I love this blog and I envy her having so much inspiration. ♥
That's all I wanted to say today. Have a nice week!~
Never lose your inspiration!!!
P.S.: I'm gonna dye my hair for the first time on Thursday!!!!!! I'm damn excited and can't wait for it!! Willing to show you photos later!!!~
Inspirational ~Rinatsu~
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Bun-bun maniac~

Do you know what's the most comfortable hairstyle in the world?! Bun bun!!!! And especially: bun with chopsticks!~

Yes!! And stop eating with those!!

Living in a country far away from Japanese or any other East Asian culture is really hard when you are interested in it. The only one Japanese shop I knew closed more than a year ago... T^T But I still managed to buy chopsticks here or there. Lets ignore the fact that these chopsticks are supposed to be for eating... ;D I said stop eating with those!!!!~
After a lot of practice and Youtube hair tutorials I managed to learn how to do this bun. Gosh... XD Here are my hairstyles with chopsticks!~
I love these chopsticks!! They are pure Japanese and has really cute white bunnies with golden moon!~ ^^ ♥
Smooth..~ ;D
A true snail!!! XD By the way this is a photo from my '365' project. ;P
Now this one... I like the best. ;DD :
Messy bun!!!! ;D No idea how it came out like that... O_o
So yeah girls, this isn't the style that's really hard to archive. As they say..: Practice makes perfect. But no one is perfect so don't... NEVERMIND! Just try your best!! And you'll really make it! ^^
Good luck. ♥
Bun-bun maniac ~Rinatsu~
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After a great success for a film called 'Paranormal Activity', another part came out. 'Paranormal Activity 2'. Sadly, this film wasn't in theatres in my country... So my friend and I decided to watch it online (since I don't have required space to download it now =_=").

But accidentally we ran into some website where some film was titled 'Paranormal Activity 2' but actually it was 'Paranormal Entity'...wait...WHAT?
Eeeh..? O_o What can I say... It was one of the worst 'horror' films EVER!!! Even the 'Saw' was scarier and more interesting! Which doesn't make sense..damn strange... O_o The film was too long (not by minutes but the actions took too long so it was boring to watch and it wasn't scary though I think that creators thought that it will be... =_=) and didn't have interesting story line.  I dunno how we managed to watch it all but honestly...we just took some candies, tea, salads and laughed almost all the time. XDD
And also, in the beginning we can see a message that the sister was raped and killed by her brother. Now THAT looked interesting to us. But you know what? This part wasn't even showed... =_= (My friend and I are total psychos. XD) *disappointment*
And all acting scenes were like...so not real... Those screamings were terrible...
Any ways... This film was a total shit. It even don't have it's poster! Is it even a film? It looks more like a parody to me... =_= All in all but as one of the commenters on Youtube said, the film is good only because the girl in the film showed her boobs... So yeah... Well, since I'm not lesbian so it isn't interesting to me at all lol...
Bored and disappointed ~Rinatsu~
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Random thank you~

Hello all~

I haven't written for so long... >< And I'm actually a bit ashamed about it. A few months ago when it was still nice and cute summer (I guess) I promised myself that I will write my blog at least once a week. And guess what? I broke that promise maybe 2 or 3 weeks later... =_= So yeah... And I dropped writing at all... >< Just because I didn't find inspiration and also I thought: 'meh, who reads my blog any ways...' Soooo school started and I'm feeling very exhausted all the time. Lack of sleep and so on...
Buuuuuuut today I got a very nice surprise!~ One girl contacted me through Skype because her Japanese friend gave a link to my blog. That's so sweet you know~ ^^ Any ways, I realised how many people read it (statistics and so) soooo.....I promise I will change!~ And write it more often. ;]

I'm so surprised, grateful and thankful..! Arigato gozaimashita~ ^w^ ♥

Anyways...if you ask me, what interesting happened in my life? Nothing much. As usual, I'm just doing my photography project (I didn't take photo for today... ¬¬) '365', studying, chatting with my friends all around the world...Facebook, Twitter... Haha. Just usual life and usual routine. :3
So yeah guys that's what I wanted to say today. If you like my blog and would like to know more about me you can always contact me on my Facebook page or my Twitter!!~ ^^ I'm always open for new friends~ :3 Arigato minna~
Cutely surprised ~Rinatsu~


Straight hair madness

Have you got it?! I have!! >< I always had wavy (and MESSY) hair. And I started wanting hair straightener a few months ago. And I got it!! Well it was about month ago when I bought it...

Don't mind that hoodie. It was a shopping day and this photo was taken from my 365 photos project. Haha.
I'm not going to talk about that straightener that I bought. All I have to say that Remington is a really good brand!!~ ^^ And I really recommend you buying a straightener that has changeable temperature. ;]
But I want to write a blog post about advantages and disadvantages of having straight hair! This is what I checked and wrote down one day.


  • Straight hair looks shinier.
  • It also looks longer.
  • It becomes very easy to make fast hairstyles like simple ponytail.
  • You can make cute bangs with a good shape (not the ones that I had for about 15 years of my life...).
  • When you have straight hair, it don't really require to have any other hairstyle! You can just leave them the way they are!


  • You must use heat protection products every time if you want to keep them healthy.
  • You must use straightener ONLY on dry hair. Don't believe me? O_o I have heard some stupid girls were posting nonsense in forums like saying that using straightener on wet hair makes not necessary water to disappear. Bullshit!!! As you know water starts to boil at 100C/212F temperature. And straightener is 140-230C/284-446F temperature. When you straighten wet hair, water in your hair starts to boil. Bubbles start to appear and it makes big holes in your hair. And it can BREAK. Not the ends. It can break in the middle of your hair or even near you scalp! I don't think that you want to lose your hair... So don't try to straightening them wet!!!
  • Fashion cult! Meaning? Means that a lot of people have straight hair now. So it can be a little bit difficult for you to stand out. ;] But it doesn't really matter. If you have really nice healthy hair, you can look awesome even standing in a hundred straight haired girls crowd... Well, not really... XDD BUT you can always try. ;DD
- - - - -
So yeah. As you can see I actually found more advantages than disadvantages. XD Oh, lucky you straight haired people. Having no problems at all. Differently than me. ;D But you know what I found out? I look great both ways! Having straight or curly hair suits me perfectly. XD

P.S.: Sorry that I don't have many good straight haired photos. Didn't make those yet. XD
Happy straightening!~ And keep your hair healthy!! ^^
Straight haired ~Rinatsu~
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Tiger make up~

Since I promised myself that I will update blog as much as possible...here is a new post. Any ways, I was a bit confused what I should post today, but I thought that I should post some of my make up tries. Haha. So what I am going to show you today? My tiger eye make up!~ ^^

If you ask if it easy or not... I would say that practise is everything. ;P BTW, it wasn't created by me. The main idea is from Michelle Phan. ^^ ♥

Here's the tutorial video for it ^-^

- - - - -
BTW I went to cinema (Ice Age 3) with my parents today... And I promised I won't go with them never again. Soooo boring. It looks like they want to be at home 24/7. u_u No wonder...
Tiger eyed ~Rinatsu~


Read '1/2 Prince' Online!

I love anime but I like manga too. I love manga but I like manhua too. I love manhua but reading novel of it is even more exiting!!!! So many details that wasn't in the manhua! I just love it.
This novel's website wasn't made by me. But maybe some people search where to read it. So visit that site definitely!! ;]
P.S.: I just noticed how boyish I became. Even boys are afraid to talk to me. XDD Kinda good thing. Retards keep away from me.. XD
Prince ~Rinatsu~ (Oh well... XDD)
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Got Twitter addicted!! :O

Ahhh. A few weeks earlier I was saying: 'Baaah Twitter is only for celebrities, it's very boring, there won't be anything to do'. And you know what? I actually got addicted to Twitter. O_O Damn how this could have happened to me? XD So, who of you have Twitter? Follow me! Would like to know you better. ;D
Twitty ~Rinatsu~
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The beauty of Nature

This is so amazing! I finally was able to take a photo of lightning! So beautiful... ♥ Check it out. Wonderful nature.
Happened on 2010.08.07 00:50
But after all beautiful sight wasn't so beautiful when the next night happened a huge squall... >.< Electricity was down for about 31 hours. It came back today about noon. Gosh it's really terrible when there is no warm food, no warm water, and actually no water at all!! T^T 'Cause we get water through electricity... Oh, I'm happy it came back, but a huge squall made a lot of damage in my city... :/ I'm hoping it'll be calm for now... Even 4 people died after that. O_O
Anyways... Enjoy the view and have a calm evening!~ ^^
Thunderfull photographer (XD) ~Rinatsu~
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I am 66% Asian!~

Hey guys, long time no see!~

Anyways, these past few days I had fun time. One friend sent me a baton on Facebook! No, I'm not talking about this:
nor this (though it somehow reminds me vibrator... *coughs*):
SO. Baton is/was actually a quiz, that was really popular amongst girls in Facebook. If you weren't one of obsessed ones - I'm sad for you it really was a great time. :D

So I'm posting one that I have done. All Asia lovers must do it. Really fun to do. XD

[LAST UPDATE 2012.09.07]

[ ] Both of your parents are from Asia - Oh, but my great grand mother is Asian. Oh, damn. That doesn't count. XDD
[ ] You were born in Asia
[ ] You use the term "Azn"
[X] You think DDR is cool (Dance Dance Revolution)
[X] You've watched lots of anime
[X] You like Korean drama
[X] You have stuff hanging on your phone
[X] You think your parents want you to marry within your own race
[ ] You eat rice almost everyday
[X] You drink lemon tea
X's so far: 6

[X] You style your hair
[X] You have a bebo/myspace/friendster
[X] You speak languages other than English
[X] Your parents are strict
[X] Your parents have high expectations of you
[ ] You always get A's/B's on your report
[X] You do Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Accounting
[ ] You know your multiplication table
[X] You play badminton or table tennis or Irish Ping pong
[X] You've seen the Asian version The ring/The grudge
X's so far: 14

[ ] You go/want to go to a university and would NEVER consider an apprenticeship
[ ] You own an Asian car (Honda, Toyota, etc)
[X] You're not the only child
[ ] You've gotten little red envelopes around February (Chinese New Year)
[X] You know the difference between kung fu, karate and tae kwon do
[X] Your mother tries to bargain even though the product is already discounted
[ ] You can solve a Rubik's cube
[X] You have a box of noodles somewhere in your house
[ ] You play video games
X's so far: 18

[X] Every time you're going out, your parents ask you where you're going and what time you'll be home
[ ] You have karaoke at home
[ ] You've been to a LAN more than 3 times
[X] You have incense sticks/moth balls in your house
[ ] You own a gaming console
[X] You don't wear shoes in your house
[X] You can use chopsticks
[X] You get nothing if you do well in school, but punished if you don't
X's so far: 23

[X] Your parents won't let you go out if you have school the next day
[X] You have Asian songs on your computer/iPod
[X] You don't like football
[X] You like Soccer - isn't football and soccer the same? XDD
X's so far: 27

[ ] You have a curfew
[X] You know what ulzzang/tb means
[X] You know what purikura is
[X] You like bubble tea - damn, I want to taste it. XD
[ ] Your parents bought you shoes many sizes too big so you can "grow into it" and wear it for years to come
[ ] You've played final fantasy
[ ] You believe in fortune cookies
X's so far: 30

[X] You know what is bok choy
[X] You've heard the song "Got rice?" (Asian Pride)
[X] You've had pockys/yan yan before
[ ] When you ask for your mum's permission she goes "ask your dad"
Total X's: 33

Multiply your total score by 2 and put the subject as I am _% Asian!
[LAST UPADTE 2014.07.13. For conclusion: I don't know why but I became more Asian than I was more than 4 year ago. From 48% to 66%. The hell? XDD]


Passion time!~

I guess almost everyone have their own passions or I should say crazy things. Like: collecting stuff!!~ It's really fun to do. And I guess everyone have something that they like to collect.

For example. Lots of girls are crazy about collecting shoes. Lots of peaceful and calm people are really interested in collecting post stamps... Hmm. ;D Also lots of people who travel abroad like to collect money from foreign countries.
It's actually one of my passions too. But ONE thing that separates me from other collectors: I have NEVER been abroad... But still... ;D
But now I noticed one thing. I'm totally crazy about all Japanese stuff. One of them - hashi, a.k.a. chopsticks!!! One interesting thing, that I didn't even know how to hold them and the first time I took them, I actually took them correctly! And also I didn't even knew how to use them but it was like natural to me. O_O Maybe my Asian blood does that. ;DD
Anyways, a few weeks ago I bought more chopsticks! Yes, more. ;D So now I have 6 pairs. And a few more taken from Asian restaurants. (Sounds so wrong. XDD But they aren't nice and they are for one time and disposable so it's ok. It's just to remember that I were there... ;DD)
You ask what I do with them? I can say that...nothing! But actually no, I use them for my hairstyles!~ ^o^ They look so pretty in my hair!! You should try that also! Of course I could use them to eat but my family isn't really into Asian stuff so no one besides me knows how to use them so it's ok. I know other ways of usage. ;PP
What I really am proud of is original Japanese hashi. Really nice ones. With cute little white bunny and a golden moon. ^^ I bought that in a Japanese shop that was the only one in a city but I almost cried when I went there again and saw that it was closed forever... I wanted to buy more stuff!!! TT_TT (The piano pic is from my 365 photos project. It's hard to see the bunny, I guess it isn't even visible, sorry but i don't have other photo of it at the moment. ^^')
Anyways, what is YOUR passion? What stuff do YOU collect? Would be really nice to know. ;P
Oh, by the way, here you can see the close up of the chopsticks I bought. ;P They are really nice!!!~ ^o^ I can't resist NOT to wear them. ;DDD
Chopsticks maniac ~Rinatsu~
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Sorry, no happy time today, Rina-chan...

You know, I was just thinking... Is it just me, or is this week extremely terrible?!

What happened? Maybe some planets are making some mess or something? It looks like all people have a lot of problems. No normal communication, no mood, no nothing.
And today... I dunno. It looks like I fell in the hell... The past is happening again. WTH?! Help me someone or I'll get insane...
Anyways... I hope this terrible week will be over soon. I hope you all are feeling ok and no hard feelings inside. Don't let that be. Let them go away. Free yourself. ^^

I'm trying to be as positive as I can now. I really need that. ;] So... Also trying to feel free. Remembering that day in the photo. Making me feel better a bit. Good memories helps a lot. Thanks to all who makes good memories and never forget them. ^^
Fighting! ~Rinatsu~
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I haven't told you, but I started earning money in the internet. XDD I know that lots of people are against this and don't believe it. Well I actually don't believe it much too... But I just do that when I'm bored. ;D Anyways, what I do is clicking advertisements. One day I surfed into this and everything I could think was... WTF?!?!?!

(click picture for a bigger view)

Conclusion: EPIC Facebook Farmville FAIL


Crochet more please

Even though I am really lazy these days, I remembered my really old work that I started about 1,5 years ago. And I still hadn't finished it!!! I can't believe how lazy I am and now I'm trying to finish it. I was trying to draw some plan to help me finish faster and more productive. So yesterday my bed was...hm...kinda messy... XDD

And yeah you can say that my bed is super childish. I won’t be mad. ‘Cause anyways, Facebook said that my true age is 12… XDDD

And I was thinking about taking photo of my shawl (that green thing in the left) that I have made long time ago but I was also too lazy to think about good place to put that and also I need model or something. Don’t know. I will do that other day. XD
Sooo this is a little close up to my work (sweater):

This is my plan and progress. Well, wish me luck! I will definitely show you my finished work. ^_^
Ganbattene Rina-chan!!~
P.S.: Sweater is already done, please check my blog post with DIY tutorial for this awesome sweater. ^^
Crochet me ~Rinatsu~
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Kaoru and Shou wallpapers up!~

Ok, so this is the first time me doing some wallpapers.
Because I am still infected with Photoshop mania, I decided to do something useful. ;D
Everything I've done is layering, blending, smudging and stuff... Playing with colours and shadows, adding right things in the right place.
I don't like all those wallpapers for one person but with sooo many photos of him from different photoshooting or concerts and sooo many text on it. I like more minimalistic ones. ^^
So this is my work that I've done. It was rather fast but fun to do!

. Guitarist from Dir en Grey.
Click on the image to open full sized wallpaper.
Actual image size: 1024x768

Shou. Vocalist from alice nine.
Click on the image to open full sized wallpaper.
Actual image size: 1024x768

- - -
I'm really tired after this week. And today I also had some stuff to do. Even though I was just walking, taking photos and having a bit fun, I still feel really tired after yesterday... My legs really hurt. T_T
Anyways, I'm thinking about doing some entry about the best make up guru in the world, Michelle Phan's, make up videos!! I want to show you some of my work and experiments based on her amazing tutorials. ^^ Make up is a huge art. ;]
Visit Michelle Phan's channel on youtube HERE.
- - -
BY THE WAY!!! I got my camera back on Wednesday. I am sooo happy that I was taking photos of almost everything all these two days. XD Finally I can do my project (365 photos) and I'm hoping I won't be lazy to do that. You can visit my project called '365 photos'. If you got some photography project too, send me a link! I would like to see that.
Always passionate about art ~Rinatsu~
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Photoshop experimenting day


Hey guys! I feel a bit strange 'cause I have spent all my day on experimenting with Photoshop. Hahaha just joking not all day but kinda a lot of time. So I thought about posting few of my results that I saved here! I didn't do much but I really gained some good experience and learned a lot of simple things that I didn't know. Gosh... Feel awkward... Anyways I found really really nice website! 7 beautiful Photoshop tutorials. Well they are very simple, very short and more advantaged people won't get interested, but I'm not like that so learning even little things is what I need.
Soooo presenting you first thing that I have done today. It's effect for blending and retouching a dark photo! You can find tutorial here. And my result (upper one is BEFORE and lower one is AFTER):

I did everything as it was written in tutorial just I didn't put blur on my face. I like this kind of look. Effect is wonderful. I'm thinking about making a header with a part of my lips for my Opera community profile. ;D
Next experiment that I have done today is related with this tutorial but I have made totally different look. ;D It was true experiment. Well because result didn't actually became as I expected, I saw that I can make something even more interesting. I played with colours and this to came out:

So I tried something Bohemian!! I don't know if it went good or not. But while making it I was thinking about my friend who is into Bohemian and Hippie stuff. XDD Well yeah my Bee if you ever see this pic, I guess you will love it. ;DD

What I did? Just played with the Channels, colours and added cute bohemian texture. I used this texture but you can also have a look at other textures which can be found and downloaded here.
Well maybe that background don't look really natural but I still love it. ^^
So, what can I say... Today I had lots of fun making these! They aren't all that I have done today, but these are the best ones. ^^
Hey and visit this site!!! ~this site~ (XD) I really like it. So cute and sweet. ^^
So that's all for today!
P.S.: Oh, maybe tomorrow I'll try new tutorial that I found here, on wordpress. ;P Hehe. ^^
Obsessed with Photoshop ~Rinatsu~
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Idler, sluggard, slacker, lazybones? ~Tinginys~

Lietuviškas recepto variantas žemiauuuu. ;]
This time, title don't say anything. XD I was cleaning my computer files when I found cool photo of sweet dessert which I have made about two months ago.  Looking at it I decided to put a recipe for it! I'm going to write it in two languages 'cause it is very well known dessert in Lithuania and I guess lots of people would like to know really simple way to make it. ;]
Lietuviškas recepto variantas žemiauuuu. ;P

Basically it is biscuits & cocoa fridge cake. In Lithuanian called 'Tinginys'. Which means idler, sluggard, slacker, lazybones or whatever. You get what I mean, right? ;D Anyways, this is the recipe how to make this super delicious sweet desert.
You'll need:

1 can of condensed milk (about 400g/200ml)

700g of the most simple biscuits without any flavouring

2 table spoons of cocoa powder

200g of butter

Optional: If you want to add more flavour you can add nuts, marmalade sweets or raisins.
Chop up biscuits in a bowl with your hand to small pieces. (if you are going to add nuts, marmalade sweets or raisins, put those in the bowl with chopped biscuits)
Dissolve butter on low heat in a steam basin (put a bowl with butter on a pot of boiling water). While stirring add condensed milk and cocoa powder. Stir till mass becomes solid (I mean without lumps).
Pour mass into the bowl with chopped biscuits and stir everything up well.
Put everything into baking tray/rectangular bowl/strong transparent bag used for food. (you choose)
Put that into the fridge and after 4 hours are able to eat! Or if you are extremely hungry, put that into freezer. And you’ll be able to eat in hour or two. ;D

Jums reikės:

1 skardinės kondensuoto pieno
700g paprastų “arbatinių” sausainių; pvz.: “Gaidelis”
2 šaukštų kakavos
200g sviesto
Jeigu norite, galite pagal skonį įdėti bet kokių riešutų, marmeladinių saldainių ar razinų.
Sausainius rankomis susmulkinkite į dubenį. (jeigu dedate priedų, t.y. riešutų, marmeladinių saldainių ar razinų, juos taip pat sudėkite į tą patį dubenį)
Ištirpinkite sviestą vandens vonelėje (dubenį su sviestu išlydyti uždėjus and puodo su verdančiu vandeniu). Maišant supilkite kondensuotą pieną ir kakavą. Maišykite kol masė pasidarys vientisa (be gumuliukų).
Užpilkite masę ant sausainių ir viską gerai išmaišykite.
Sudėkite viską į kepimo formą/indą/tvirtą permatomą maišelį ir atsargiai išminkykite į norimą formą. Kai kurie žmonės tiesiog susuka viską į celofaną ir suformuoją dešrąąąą.
Įdėkite į šaldytuvą ir laikykite ten 4 valandas. Jei labai jau esate išalkę, tai galite įdėti į šaldymo kamerą ir po valandos ar dviejų galėsi mėgautis nuostabiu skoniu. Mmmm…
Gero apetito!!!~
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