Make Up Tutorial: How to fake green eyes?

Another make up tutorial!

I ♥ colourful eyeshadows. Whether it's matched to your outfit or your eyes/hair colour or just to stand out. They really can change the whole look.

One day I was playing with green colours matching them to my green hoodie hahaha and when I got to uni one course mate couldn't take his eyes off my eyes, okay, that was really creepy... So when I asked him what's wrong he answered with amusement: 'your eyes are green... o_o' ...Okay so my eyes sometimes change colour depending on lighting but I didn't know that right make up can help change colour a bit too!

So here it is my experiment with green colour! It won't work with all eye colours, obviously. But it might work well with grey or multi coloured eyes. Good luck!

Products used:
YSL Eye Shadow Palette - gold
YSL Eye Shadow Palette - dark green
Essence 2in1 kajal pencil - 05 You & Me
Essence Eyebrow Designer - dark brown
Maybelline One by One Volum' mascara - black
Isana Pearl & Gloss lipstick
Lumene Premium Beauty Lipstick - 1

Kreo's Newgrounds: http://kreos.newgrounds.com/
Two girls in the beginning with beautiful green eyes: http://lorelix04.deviantart.com/ and http://doodoox.deviantart.com/

Here are some extra pictures taken for video!

How did it work for YOU? Post a link to your picture in the comments or my FB page or tweet it to me on Twitter! (find links below)

Good luck and have a nice make-upping day! ヽ(▽^〃ヽ)ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ(ノ〃^▽)ノ

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Make Up Tutorial: Everyday Look


I will be uploading photos and videos that have been taken/recorded long time before but I couldn't do that earlier because of my moving. ><

You probably know that I started making videos for YouTube. Yeah, quality is a crap because I'm recording with my webcam but I'm enjoying making videos and working with media programs when I have inspiration (that will be kinda a part of my profession after all). ^^

My next video after Natural (almost none) Make Up Tutorial happened to be an Everyday Make Up Tutorial. I decided to start off with simple looks I do. After a lot of learning about make up I don't really follow any tutorials now and I create best looks only for me. :)

Question is...will I keep doing Make Up Tutorials? Internet is full of this stuff, even 13yo girls are doing make up tutorials which is...I don't understand how is that possible... o_O

As you know I'm really interested in DIY, crocheting, knitting and so on, so I might start making crafts videos which is on my mind for some time already! ^^

Anyways, you'll need to wait for it. Watch this new Everyday Make Up Tutorial for now:

I do this kind of make up when I'm bored to do anything more or during an average day in university.
I don't like putting foundation everyday plus I always focus on the eyes despite make up type.

Products I used:
Essence Stay Natural concealer
YSL Eyeshadow Palette light brown
Lumene Eye Graphics white pencil
some really cheap black pencil lol
Essence Eyebrown Designer dark brown pencil
Maybelline One by One Volum' Express mascara
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada lipbalm

Here are some shots taken for the video!


Very similar to the first one lolol

I started working almost 2 months ago and I work for 12 hours so yeah..I used to do at least little make up everyday but not anymore. It looks..so pointless now. :D I only do make up when I'm really going out or just having a regular day at uni. ^^

That's it, a simple post about my creation. Following few posts will be also about my past creations or events, so please wait for it! ^-^


Oh. My. God. - I'm here!~

I can't believe I haven't written for so long. I just moved to Blogger from WordPress and omfg I just noticed that my last post was on April, HOW??? It looks like my moving to Blogger was like a month or two ago, but totally not all summer and half spring! ;A;


Really really sorry for not updating for so long. ><

You can't even imagine how much I missed blogging!!! I wanted to write so many time but I just couldn't do that because I was determined to move first and then start my blog again.

It's not really a big deal but I started feeling uncomfortable in WordPress. I wanted to have more freedom which WordPress couldn't provide me. No hard feelings though!! I'm only talking about WP.com. It is free, of course, but very restricted while Blogger is for free and gives writer a lot more freedom. WP.org is a bit different. It's totally free BUT it costs and I don't want to pay to do a hobby that I like.
So THAT'S WHY I decided to choose Blogger.

Don't worry, all my previous blog posts are here, I took time and moved everything as it should be. You may have questions for some of the previous posts. It's okay, you are free to go back to my WordPress. Instead of a post there's a link to Blogger's post under all posts but you can always look up for comments for any questions. Still not sure? Comment here, on Blogger OR...like me on my Facebook page and message me. ^^

I can see that my audience is a little bit lesser than it was but it is growing back bigger. I'm so happy that you haven't left me, my dearest readers!! ♥

But wait, one HUGE minus I HATE at the moment - THIS THEME........
I SERIOUSLY HATE IT. Resolve: remember HTML and learn it from the very basics. I need to change it ASAP...

All in all, I will keep (or start) blogging even though I hate the design of my blog because I miss blogging so much! Please visit only my Blogger blog, I love it here!

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