When imagination takes you away...

I ♥ handmade stuff. Handmade toys, handmade clothes, handmade decorations and so on...

A few years ago I was OBSESSED with making these kind of things. But sadly, I don't do it anymore... >< The thing is, I don't have time and patience for it. But I still love looking at these kind of things or looking for some patterns on the internet.
Today, I want to show you awesome pattern how to make a cute owlet!!
When you master your skill you can always turn on your imagination and make some awesome things. >w<
This is what happens when your imagination takes you away... ;D Fantasy... (The owlet didn't went out as cute as I planned so I just upgraded it. XDD)
~ ~ By the way, this photo was taken from my '365 project' on My Opera. ^^ ~ ~
Here is the link to that awesome website, where are A LOT of cute stuff patterns and other cute and cuddly posts. ^w^ Roman Sock
I don't know what about you, but I love this blog and I envy her having so much inspiration. ♥
That's all I wanted to say today. Have a nice week!~
Never lose your inspiration!!!
P.S.: I'm gonna dye my hair for the first time on Thursday!!!!!! I'm damn excited and can't wait for it!! Willing to show you photos later!!!~
Inspirational ~Rinatsu~
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Bun-bun maniac~

Do you know what's the most comfortable hairstyle in the world?! Bun bun!!!! And especially: bun with chopsticks!~

Yes!! And stop eating with those!!

Living in a country far away from Japanese or any other East Asian culture is really hard when you are interested in it. The only one Japanese shop I knew closed more than a year ago... T^T But I still managed to buy chopsticks here or there. Lets ignore the fact that these chopsticks are supposed to be for eating... ;D I said stop eating with those!!!!~
After a lot of practice and Youtube hair tutorials I managed to learn how to do this bun. Gosh... XD Here are my hairstyles with chopsticks!~
I love these chopsticks!! They are pure Japanese and has really cute white bunnies with golden moon!~ ^^ ♥
Smooth..~ ;D
A true snail!!! XD By the way this is a photo from my '365' project. ;P
Now this one... I like the best. ;DD :
Messy bun!!!! ;D No idea how it came out like that... O_o
So yeah girls, this isn't the style that's really hard to archive. As they say..: Practice makes perfect. But no one is perfect so don't... NEVERMIND! Just try your best!! And you'll really make it! ^^
Good luck. ♥
Bun-bun maniac ~Rinatsu~
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