Top News about My life

Hello readers! ^-^

I noticed that I haven't written any post about my life for rather l--o--n--g time. So the time has come. ;D

Top News about Rinatsu life

1. Love for Icicles

Spring has come!! Snow started melting!! And that's why it gave me awesome ability to fall in love with icicles. XDD
Awesome icicle on our neighbour's 'house' roof. I bet it's about 180cm long. 8D
And this is the view under the stairs. Haha.

Awesome, huh? ^-^

2. First Flower

Two days ago (03.17) I saw first flower this year. :3
Beautifulness. ♥

3. Fake Lashes

Bought some Korean fake lashes but the glue won't work so I can't show the full look. u_u

Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool. ^^

4. Helix Piercing

I pierced my ear again. :3 I already have 1 lobe piercing in right ear and 2 lobe piercings in left. 03.05 I pierced helix (cartilage) in my right ear! ^-^ So now I have 4 piercings!! XD *cough* showing my awesome maths skills here... *cough*

5. Kawaii Family

I've spent my last week making nonsenses. XD Wanna see the result? Here you go:

Hahaha. XD They are so cute and funny! You know what? I actually made a brand name for them. XDDD Maybe I'll start selling them or something. Hahahaha. XD I think I should post a DIY tutorial but you know how lazy I am. XD

6. Confidence and Loving New Me

Ever since I dyed my hair I've never been as happy about how I look as I am now. Because I started caring about myself more. Not only new hair does difference.
I started caring more about my skinmy diet (eating habits). Started drinking more water and eating more healthy food (although I stopped eating unhealthy food long long time ago). So, I can actually say that it does it's thing after all. Even my hair started growing really good.
Went to dye my hair about a week ago. My hair dresser was amazed because when I dyed it for the first time (December, 2010) my hair looked TERRIBLE!!! Not only about hairstyle but also about health.

I ♥ my hair now. The colour is perfect and it is so healthy now too. All thanks to my hair dresser. :3 ♥
LOL at my cute ponytail. XD Took this about half hour ago. Haha.

7. Squirrel..?

Ok, don't mind this but I just had to show this bag to someone. XDDD

Awesome bag I got!!! When you are holding it, it looks like you are holding squirrel upside down. XDDDDD Okay, laughing attack much... XDD

8. Commercial Contest

Okay, this is not the first time for me participating in the contest but not this kind. My main idea was totally different but I wasn't able to do it because friend, who had to film me got sick so I made a new idea 3 days till the end, took all pictures needed 2 days till the end and made a video the last day. This is what I got!

Don't judge me much. ;_; I really tried. >< And these were just so cute I couldn't not show them to the world!!! ^w^ ♥
[EDIT: I didn't win anything. ;-; But it was worth trying. XD]
Wow! Long post, huh? ;D Well, I wanted to share the part of my life with people and I know that some of you are interested so here you go!!
I hope you liked it. Tell me what you think, comment everything and let me improve. ^w^
Improving ~Rinatsu~
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DIY: Sweater!

Yatta!!! It's the 4th day of spring! Dunno how about you guys but my mood is getting better and better now. ^w^

Sorry for the delaying this blog post. But you know, the last year of school, lots of studying, tiredness and stuff. It really pulls my mood off. :/
I have finally finished my sweater!! (Don't remember? Crochet me please)

The neck and a cute ribbon. It's just a decoration, you don't need to put it if you don't want. :3
The sleeve:

Side view:

Front view:

Well, maybe it would look better on someone else. I look kinda fatty like that... ._.
The main thing you need to know about this sweater that it's made from little circles! The pattern is very simple:

Scheme instructions:

The next thing you need to make is a shape. Well, I can say that it's the hardest work because it took me a lot of time to manage the right shape by myself. :/ But you can look at my example. I don't recommend you doing your sweater exactly as I draw it because we girls all have different bodies so you can never be sure that clothes of your friend will look good on you as it looks on her. :3 Any ways, here's the example. ^^

Talking about threads... I took half wool. The very big advantage is that you can wear it on other sweater in contrast with different colour. It looks awesome like that! ^^ (tried brown under this)
Be creative, reach for your aim and make awesome stuff with your own hands!! :3 ♥
With love, Rinatsu~
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