How more beautiful can you be?

Recent days gave me a lot of excitement but they also were REALLY tiring haha. So I was really glad I could stay at home after 4 days going here and there. Tired, with muscles aching I felt no inspiration at all but when I looked outside the window I saw beautiful scenery that camera would never show it's beautifulness the way I see.

What can be more beautiful than flowers...

...and than all the soft grass brushed by rain and wind like the most precious hair...

Mesmerized by the beautifulness of nature I kept looking through the window and breathing fresh air coming from the forest. ^-^

And yes, I'm wearing no make up here. Natural, like I came to this world. ^^
Love. See. Smell. Feel.
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DIY: Fancy Scarf


After an accident with my dress (I gave it to needlewoman to fix it and she damaged my dress), I received 2 balls of a very interesting yarn (as an apology, oh and she also fixed my dress again, for free). The thread looked a little bit like net when I unfold it. And it was this brand:

I was kinda confused since I saw these kind of threads for the first time. :) But that needlewoman said that you can make a very beautiful scarf from it. I got interested and went to a specialized shop. All about handmade stuff. And then I saw a little example of scarf knitted laying here and also a paper with instructions for this scarf.
Here was the example photo on the paper:

And here were the instructions in...Spanish:



Step ONE:
Step TWO:
Step FOUR and FIVE:
And here's the finished result that I made!!~

I really enjoyed making this. :3 ♥ And I hope that you will enjoy it too and be happy with amazing result!~
[EDIT: 2011.11.19]
After wearing this scarf for whole autumn I noticed that it became more narrow and longer due to often usage. But I also bought new yarn of this kind called Katia Ondas (click to visit their website) and knitted a scarf for mom:

We both love long scarfs so I made it using 2 balls. I compared those two brands and can recommend to use Katia brand for this scarf. ALWAYS. It has a lot more ruffles and it is way more warmer than the first one. Well, at least that first brand I got was for free so I don't regret making it... :D But always take your time to get to know yarn you will be using, guys. Quality is the most important! :3
Good luck~
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