Christmas morning = Christmas presents!

Wow, Christams really came... XD Time is going so fast. Soon will be new year. I can't believe how my life is so fast. :D Sooo. Back to topic. I wasn't expecting something big and interesting this year for Christmas. Our family had some big shopping like furniture and so. But still I got useful things. I like it. ^^

1. First I took something that was kinda soft and it sounded interesting... XDD

Oooh, so it was comb! I really wanted these and I searched for them everywhere so I was really happy that I get these. XD

 2. Then I took presesnt that I already knew what was there... XDD My mascaraaa. XD

MAYBELLINE the COLOSSAL VOLUM' EXPRESS. I heard that it was really good. Well, one my friend said that it is bad but since I have naturally long eyelashes, I just need volume. So I think this will fit me really good. ^^ Maybe I will write some review about it.

Anyone know Michelle Phan? She is my beauty and make up guru. XDD Really, she is so good at make up and beauty things. She is so natural. I really admire her. So she also said that this mascara is really good for those Maybelline fans. Well, I'm not fan or anything, I just buy that is good and not so expensive. :D

3. Something was kinda heavy. And box wasn't really big. So I checked it out. Oh, one of my favorite sweets. Mint chocolate!!! ^^

4. Oh, and also I got a girls' magazine. Well, I prefer other one, but this one is ok too. It had a lot of samples this release. Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, foundation... But not much to read. Gossips, gossips, gossips and a lot more gossips. Kinda boring.

All in all, I guess that foundation won't fit me. I have really pale skin... :D Hard to find something perfect. :/ 

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Chopsticks hairstyle

Hello everybody!!!

I wasn't writing anything here for kinda long time. That a bit sucks. But you know school and stuff... Boring and tiring.

So today is my second winter vacation day! Christmas Eve too! So I guess it's like our family tradition to look nice at this evening. So I washed my hair, let them dry and I thought that today I will make a hairstyle with chopsticks. Well, I do it a lot when I'm at home. It's really comfortable you know. XD

So at evening, when I was going in the shower, I touched my bun and was so surprised, it finally come out really nice. O_O

I tried so many times that it should look like a snail, but I couln't make it that way. >.< But today was my lucky day!!! XD Geez people, tell me, why all hairstyles and make-ups went good when you aren't going anywhere..? XDD

Oh! And I also noticed, that my hair looks really nice in this hairstyle from the back. And I really have nice hair color. Wow... O_o XDD

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Christmas present!

Sooo. It's not Christmas yet. I don't really like it. I'm a 100% atheist. So I don't believe in anything. And I'm not a kid anymore, so that present receiving isn't something that I'm waiting for. I asked my best friend: 'Please, don't buy anything for me.' But she wouldn't listen to me. So at Thursday I received my first present. Gosh... -_- But it's really nice though. What do you think? ^^

These earrings are my first present received this Christmas time. I really like them. ^^ They even have a story. XD Once I, together with my best friend were in the cosmetic and beauty shop, where are lots of earrings, necklaces, collars and other things too. So, we were looking around and I saw these earrings and told her that they are really nice. She agreed. And...after a week I guess, I got these. :D Haha, she remembered. It feels nice, that she listens to me and remembers everything that I say. She is really nice friend. ^^ *hugs K-chan (even she doesn't feel thatXD)*

So, if you are curious, I even remember the price. XD So it costs 7,90 LTL / $ 3,36 / € 2,29 / £ 2,06 / ¥ 298,53 (yeah, I like converting money, as you already know that... XD)

I was taking photos of these earrings and made really interesting photo.

It's very blurred, but the colors are really nice. :P I think so.. ^^U

Geez... When I think about it, that friend really loves me. XD She bought some of my favorite candies for me, also I got a really cute tiger as a key pendant. She also took me to a chinese restaurant and we drank green tea with citrus fruit (ohhh... That was REALLY tasty... ^.^). She said that she is celebrating the day, when she is rich. XDDD So... That's my first Christmas day maybe... It was really fun. But I feel a little guilt. I don't have a present for her. Not yet. But she made me promise to knit a scarf for her. :D She loves my scarf that I made and always takes it from me and puts it on herself. XD Maybe I will show it to you some day. :P

So yeah... Tell me what do you think about these earrings. ^^

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One day job

YAY!~ So, I started to write this blog, and I think I'm getting better at blogging and really happy about that! ^^ Well, it's the first entry that worked good, so I decided to show you some handmade stuff. :3

 I really wanted (and needed) to buy a cap. You see, I can't really walk freely in the summer. 'Cause I can't be on the sun for a long time. So, I decided to look for a cap. Walked sooo long and didn't find ANYTHING interesting and nice. :/ So, I just chose the best looking, one color cap and bought it. It cost me about 11 LTL/ $ 4,69 / € 3,18 / £ 2,88 / ¥ 413,26 (yeah, I love converting money... XD). It looked so boring, so I just decided to add some fun. :P I thought about flowers or something... But it was too childish or too common. Soooo, thinking about my passion to Japan and Asia, I made THIS  to come out. :D It took just one day to start and to finish it. The sign is in Japanese. This is kanji AI and means LOVE. I think it's kawaii. :P Maybe I will make something in other Asian languages. ^^ Ah... It's winter. So it'll be hard to find summer caps. I think I will wait 'till spring. XDD So... Say what you think about this hand-crafted cap? ^^

 Hug all kawaii people who loved this! ^^

 Hand-crafted ~Rinatsu~ XD
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