After a great success for a film called 'Paranormal Activity', another part came out. 'Paranormal Activity 2'. Sadly, this film wasn't in theatres in my country... So my friend and I decided to watch it online (since I don't have required space to download it now =_=").

But accidentally we ran into some website where some film was titled 'Paranormal Activity 2' but actually it was 'Paranormal Entity'...wait...WHAT?
Eeeh..? O_o What can I say... It was one of the worst 'horror' films EVER!!! Even the 'Saw' was scarier and more interesting! Which doesn't make sense..damn strange... O_o The film was too long (not by minutes but the actions took too long so it was boring to watch and it wasn't scary though I think that creators thought that it will be... =_=) and didn't have interesting story line.  I dunno how we managed to watch it all but honestly...we just took some candies, tea, salads and laughed almost all the time. XDD
And also, in the beginning we can see a message that the sister was raped and killed by her brother. Now THAT looked interesting to us. But you know what? This part wasn't even showed... =_= (My friend and I are total psychos. XD) *disappointment*
And all acting scenes were like...so not real... Those screamings were terrible...
Any ways... This film was a total shit. It even don't have it's poster! Is it even a film? It looks more like a parody to me... =_= All in all but as one of the commenters on Youtube said, the film is good only because the girl in the film showed her boobs... So yeah... Well, since I'm not lesbian so it isn't interesting to me at all lol...
Bored and disappointed ~Rinatsu~
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Random thank you~

Hello all~

I haven't written for so long... >< And I'm actually a bit ashamed about it. A few months ago when it was still nice and cute summer (I guess) I promised myself that I will write my blog at least once a week. And guess what? I broke that promise maybe 2 or 3 weeks later... =_= So yeah... And I dropped writing at all... >< Just because I didn't find inspiration and also I thought: 'meh, who reads my blog any ways...' Soooo school started and I'm feeling very exhausted all the time. Lack of sleep and so on...
Buuuuuuut today I got a very nice surprise!~ One girl contacted me through Skype because her Japanese friend gave a link to my blog. That's so sweet you know~ ^^ Any ways, I realised how many people read it (statistics and so) soooo.....I promise I will change!~ And write it more often. ;]

I'm so surprised, grateful and thankful..! Arigato gozaimashita~ ^w^ ♥

Anyways...if you ask me, what interesting happened in my life? Nothing much. As usual, I'm just doing my photography project (I didn't take photo for today... ¬¬) '365', studying, chatting with my friends all around the world...Facebook, Twitter... Haha. Just usual life and usual routine. :3
So yeah guys that's what I wanted to say today. If you like my blog and would like to know more about me you can always contact me on my Facebook page or my Twitter!!~ ^^ I'm always open for new friends~ :3 Arigato minna~
Cutely surprised ~Rinatsu~