Broken German quality

You won't believe what happened to me yesterday.

This week I'm staying at home 'cause I'm sick. Just a day ago I was just laying in my bed with fever not wanting anything but as I felt better day ago I started crocheting to keep myself busy and do what I always love to do. ♥

So I was just crocheting, chilling when this happened...

Not to mention that it's plastic end was already breaking off, it's head just...flew off!!! This is the first time when my crochet needle broke. This is insane! I just sat with my jaw open, couldn't understand what just happened...

When I gained back my consciousness I looked at the case it was in...

Seriously...? Made in Germany? Couldn't believe that German quality has tricked me this time...

Only good for the left case so I can put my GOOD QUALITY LOYAL crochet needles in it... ♥

I have to apologise my good old Japanese crochet needles of Tulip brand. I love you all so much... ♥

In fact, I even bought that broken crochet needle 4 times more expensive than my Japanese ones!!! щ(ಠ益ಠщ) This was probably my latest bought crochet needle and it broke fastest lol... Ugh, still can't believe this...

Good luck at buying proper and good quality crochet needles. Price doesn't reveal quality at all. What I learnt is that buying crochet needle with plastic end is a no no, and talk about ruined German quality... Lol no, just kidding guys, German stuff is good, just keep yourself with eyes wide open when buying stuff, especially from 'addi' brand...

Stay good and crafty \(^ ^)/

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Dangerous vanilla muffins

Oh yes. They surely are dangerous. I start to lose my will when I eat them. I invited my boyfriend to come over when I baked them and from 20 muffins only 6 were left in about few hours. Terribles (lol, don't even ask my vocabulary)!!

So today I want to share recipe with you because I don't want to feel bad eating them like crazy, I want YOU to eat them as much as I do. (⊙ヮ⊙) (wtf) *doesn't want to get fat alone*

Yes, I edited this... /facepalm

So here's the recipe.

You will need:
♣ 120 g room temperature butter
♣ 180 g sugar
♣ 185 g flour
♣ 1 ts baking powder (not soda)
♣ 2 eggs
♣ 125 ml milk
♣ few drops of vanilla essence or 1 ts of vanilla sugar

Grind butter with sugar well. It must be fluffy. 
Mix eggs with mass one by one. 
Pour milk, flour and baking powder.
Add vanilla essence or vanilla sugar.

Done! Now get your muffin pans ready!!!

I bought these beauties before Christmas yet I'm trying them for the first time now. They are so fun, colourful and cute!! (゜▼゜*)

My silicon pans have these cute muffin riffles and they don't stick so I decided not to add any muffin paper... And it was a good decision! No needed.

SO. I greased my muffin pans a bit and poured dough to fill 1/2 of it. You can pour to 2/3 but I wanted them to be tiny so.. Hehehe.

Get you oven ready by heating it to 180°C.

My experience: while I was waiting till oven is ready I couldn't understand what's wrong with it. I waited for so long and it still haven't reached desired temperature! So apparently I forgot to take of pan that was laying on the bottom of oven. When I was hurrying (don't know why the hurry though) I burnt my finger. Yay... I was so mad at that pan that I threw it in the hallway...


Anyways, when your oven is ready put your baby muffins into it!

And bake till they get nice golden colour. ♥

IT'S DONE  (●♡∀♡)

They're soooo tasty and beautiful!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

My experience: I would like them to be more puffier so I'll try putting 1,5 ts of baking powder next time. And perhaps bake them a little less because their top was a bit too crunchy compared to their cute and soft inside nom nom. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

It's so easy right?? That's why I need my friend +Kevin Seedorf (check out his Twitter!) to make these too. They're amazing. Kevin, I promise you will look as happy as those people on TV making food. ≖‿≖

Recipe source: “Dania słodkie”, Wega delbana Polska

Have fun and good luck!!
You're free to post YOUR muffins in the comments below;




Rinatsu's February Photo A Day Challenge

Hello all!!!

After having awesome time doing December photo a day challenge I saw that FatMumSlim decided to do challenges each month. It's so awesome! Yet I somehow lost inspiration so I decided to take a little brake and I'm back with February's challenge!
All info about the challenge here.

You can always check my Facebook page's album of my February Photo A Day challenge. Do comment and like please! I love to see your take on this challenge too so feel free to post links to it under this blog post, on my Facebook page or mention me on Twitter! Good luck.

1. Fork: Everyone has a fork lying around at home, or work, right? Get creative and see how you can shoot it with a little style.
Sister came this evening. And yeah I didn't let her anyone start eating before I take a good photo of our nice looking forks hahaha. Typical me.
Nomnomnom time.

2. Pattern: Look around and see where you can find pattern in your day. Is it in something you’re wearing? In a rug you come across in your travels? On some wallpaper, a book or something else?
Working in a clothes shop is quite annoying sometimes. Seeing so many beautiful patterns and styles. Ugh... I noticed that I'm getting more into stripes and especially polka dots recently. They. Are. So. Cute!! Can't help but want all these. ;u; ♥

3. Something beginning with ‘E’: Take a photo of something beginning with the letter E.

You can't believe how stupid I was. My brains totally refuse to work today. I'm going crazy during my 8th day of work with no days off... Not to mention not doing a thing at work... Okay I'm kidding, I did a lot but I'm just not capable of handling so much work by myself for so long...
So the problem is...I was eating jelly beans and thought about today's topic. And I though: Emerald! And took photo of amber jelly beans thinking that they're emerald... /le facepalm

4. Hope: Oh, a hard one. How would you photograph hope? Is it something you wish for? Someone who gives you hope? A quote that brings hope to your life?

What sums up hope at the moment... Really, a hard one. So I decided to shoot calendar. Why? Because I hope that time heals wounds that past made, that everything will be fine soon. I'm waiting for uni to start for me in September. New year, new course mates, new lectures. Can't wait. So yeah. Time. That what hope is for me at the moment.
Everything will be okay. Peace.

5. Something you smelled: What’s something you came across today that smelled {or smelt depending on where you live}. Take a photo of it.
Mildew. Yup, you read right. I opened the fridge to see something tasty to eat and yet I see a piece of curd covered in tiny mushrooms. Aren't they cute??? I just found this close up on the internet hahaha.  I was actually planning on baking some muffins 'cause I bought 24 pieces of silicon baking moulds for muffins and still haven't tried them. So that would have been a really awesome pic of what I smelled today. Mmm~ But my dearest came today so mildew was the only scent that was left for me to feel before we watched the first few series of the first season of Spartacus hahaha. Okay my post today got too random. I'm really weird today. Excuse me for this. So... Enjoy my mildew.

6. Soft: Take a photo of something deliciously soft.
Couldn't think of anything better than this cutie pink bunny at work sitting on our work desk. Hahaha. ♥

7. Your name: This is a fun way to get to know each other. Perhaps you could take a photo of a name badge you use for work {or even an old one}, your name on an award you received, or perhaps you can scribble down your name on paper and show us that way?
I lost my name badge that I use for work... (⇀‸↼‶) So I just wrote my name with black permanent marker on a piece of paper and put it on my lovely laptop together with my newest creation - onion. Lol!

8. Something orange: Find something orange or a few things and take a photo.
I should thank my boyfriend for today's photo idea. At the end of the day I totally forgot to take today's photo. When I asked him what should I shoot he told me to shoot my crocheted amigurumi tangerine but unfortunately I don't have any with me atm. ;_; All was sent abroad or given to friends and relatives haha (one was given to him too, now chilling on his desk in his room lol). Then he pointed to my scarf which was lying near him on my bed. What's the point of shooting only a messy scarf?? So I got a bit creative. Pluto needs to stay warm too! ♥

9. Guilty pleasure: What’s something you enjoy but kinda feel guilty about doing so. Chocolate, expensive magazines, fancy shoes… do tell!
Everything that is tasty, sweet and bring calories, those little bad monsters living in your closet... *sighs* Yet I couldn't resist making these delicious vanilla muffins. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Plus I bought these little cute colourful muffin pans before Christmas and still haven't tried them. Must correct this error!! These muffins are absolutely simple and amazingly heart-warming. ♥ I took so many photos and gained so much different experience that I wrote a blog post with the recipe for it lol. Eeeeeeenjoy!!! (o⌒.⌒o) Now enjoy these precious bubbles baking. ♥

To be continued...

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