Why I don't have any spare change

Something happened few days ago that inspired me to write this blog post.

But before that appreciate this random picture of my boyfriend on the hill thinking about life

If you live in UK you know that there are lots of beggars on the streets. I'm guessing in almost every city. The difference between Lithuanian and British beggars is that most of the latter ones usually look like just some random passer by on the street. They dress quite tidy and they usually don't have red, swollen from alcohol faces that most of Lithuanian beggars do. But there's other big problem - drugs. There's always this woman walking around the shopping centre in Milton Keynes, asking for 50p or something like that. Reason unknown but guessable. Her eyes always look lost and I just get shiver down my spine whenever she approaches me. I just don't feel confident when she's around.

Anyways, when I first came here I used to feel sorry for the beggars on the street probably because people are a lot nicer in Northampton. But unfortunately I couldn't give any money because I was struggling a lot myself.

Oh my god, look at this creepy dead tree we found by the Gullivers Land Theme Park

So back to the reason of this post. Few days ago I was walking home after my shift. I was listening to music through my earphones and messaging with someone at the same time. I passed the usual beggar who's often there around the Hub. I always feel bad vibes from him every time I go past him. He sounds rude and unmannered (which I don't expect from the beggar but at least a bit of manners should be there) so I always try to avoid him. As I was walking past him that day my music stopped and I heard him asking for spare change. My earphones are bright red so it's easy to notice that I can't hear anything at the moment. So he spilled to my back 'greedy bitch'. Okay that pissed me off. I didn't stop but turned around with the most pissed off look ever. And if my eyes could kill he would be dead in 0.00000001 second.

First of all, find a job! I don't say it's easy but I started from 0 when I came here in UK you know. I worked some of the hardest jobs for the girl. I've cried, I've been in depression. But I'm here now after all the hell. My job now is nothing special but me being a foreigner finding a job as a waitress is really hard. So it's a big success to me. And I get a decent wage. Yes, I could give some spare change from time to time. But you know what? I WON'T. Not because I'm greedy, no. Because I will better send my 'spare change' to my mom (which I do every pay day) who helped me so much when I came here even thousands of miles away from me. Financially and emotionally. And I knew that she struggled herself as she helped me so much.

Second of all, stop treating random people like that and learn some manners! I've seen a lot of beggars being really polite and nice but you never know where your money goes. Is it for a piece of bread or drugs...? I bet they get benefits anyways. UK has too many benefits for people who don't deserve it. That's the different topic though.

My rant is done. Now you don't need to ask me for some spare change because the answer is NO lol.

Anyways. I love my mom. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Yes, I randomly took a picture of my mom's legs during my holidays in Lithuania because I was bored waiting for our doctor

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