Home made Pocky!

As a non Japanese or non Asian person being crazy about East Asian culture and living in Eastern Europe I have quite a lot of difficulties trying Asian dishes or buying Asian stuff (especially when I don't use online shopping stuff). But I'm really happy that Japanese food is getting more popular in my country so I can eat sushi whenever I want. ^-^

But sadly there aren't many opportunities to get food made not in restaurants but just sold in shops. So one day I tried searching something that I can make myself at home! I'm not really into cooking so I though this will be kind of a challenge to me. :D So I accidentally stumbled into this Lithuanian website. Believe it or not but I tried making Pockies and they went out quite good!! I can't really say if it is a lot different from real Pockies since I only ate them once and I know that there are a lot of different tastes. Buuuut here's a photo of my Pockies! ^^

I also had recipe in my previous blog on WordPress BUT...then I realised that it isn't worth it because I had more and more troubles trying to make it. Dough was really sticky, almost half of it has been thrown away... :/

Anyways, enjoy another photo of my cuties and bye bye to my current pocky recipe. XD 

Actually I have found another recipe for pockies but I'll stay silent for now since I'll have to try them first. I'll inform you as soon as I have cooked something new! ^-^

Have you tried baking pockies or any other Asian goodie? Let me know in the comments, put a link to your creation photo or blog post!~ (^-~)/