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I can't believe how many photos I have that I want to share with you. All of them have their own story so I will need 2 or 3 more blog posts to tell you my awesome (or not) adventures.

Just a bit more than month ago I was just a normal girl spending my boring evening after the boring job when BOOM one night a lot of pain in my tummy from nowhere. My boyfriend was staying over at my place and was ready to call ambulance but I differed and spent all night perishing... Things changed the next day when I was sent to hospital and finally in the late evening around 11pm doctor told me to get ready for surgery...NOW. I was in shock. Especially when they didn't know what's wrong with me and was determined to fix anything they'll find during surgery. This was my first time in a hospital. Not even talking about the surgery... I was so scared that my veins disappeared hahaha.

After an hour and 15 minutes I was woken up. Didn't talk nonsense and felt quite energetic after about half an hour haha. So it happened that some cyst that I didn't know I had exploded in my oviduct. Creepy. I'm just glad nothing was damaged.

Next morning: a really gloomy Friday with so many clouds and really sick feeling 'cause I had a drainage coming out of the side of my tummy. Not nice and really painful. :| And no food all day too!

Second morning: another 'first time' to me - hospital food.

It was my first and best meal I had overall during the time I've spent in the hospital. I always loved this porridge and it's basically impossible to make it wrong, even in hospital haha.

My first two days after the surgery - had a lot of visitors and some of the worst days (physically) in my life. Not being able to move much and so so so much pain... I looked horrible. Even my boyfriend was scared...

At the end of the 2nd day in the hospital doctor said that nurse will be removing the drainage soon. I was scared because pulling out tube from inside of me doesn't sound very nice. Buuuuut it went well and the next morning I was all cheerful. Even weather was great. ♥

Kept walking back and forth in the corridor lol. Watching through all the windows... LET ME OUT ALREADY!!!

You know, hospital isn't that bad when you can go downstairs and buy some hot milk chocolate. Yum. ♥

Beautiful flowers with amazing scent from my bf. Aww ♥

Doctor said that my wounds were healing really well. I've spent 4 days in hospital. Summary: disgusting food, a lot of strong antibiotics 4 times a day, boring time...well, it's always better to be healthy than spend time in a hospital lol.

One really ESSENTIAL thing that I've learnt while staying in a hospital: making a sandwich with a spoon. Seriously, what are they thinking? Giving patients two slices of bread, a little cube of butter and extremely salty and disgusting huge slice of sausage... Wat. :|

Well, you learn something all the time lol.

Stay healthy!

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