Happy New Year minna!~ (V-day..?)

So, I still have about 10mins left 'till the start of the new day, so I'm just hurrying to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! As I heard from my friend, today (02.14) appeared to be Chinese New Year!!! So cool! So because I'm a huge Asian fan, I'm wishing for everyone that New Year would be better than old.
Oh, and I have to mention that Valentine's Day SUCKS. Yeah, you may say: 'Baah, it's because she don't have anyone to celebrate it with.' Well, that's true atm BUT last year when I actually HAD boyfriend, even then I didn't like it. So yeah, that's the real truth. You may ask: 'WHY?!' And I can honestly say - BECAUSE YOU DON'T NEED SPECIAL OCCASION TO SAY 'I LOVE YOU' OR 'I CARE ABOUT YOU'!!! Why some people wait for Valentine's Day to say it or to give a small gift to a loved one? People, you should do it every day! This day is a celebration for people doing business in presents and other stupid and worthless shit that has been giving as a present on Valentine's day... So... DON'T BE LOSERS AND DON'T WAIT TO THIS STUPID DAY TO DO THAT!!! Anyways... Happy celebrations! ;DDD
V-day's hater ~Rinatsu~
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