Spring started... Yeah... (very short PS work)

Today is amazing day. First day of spring. I'm sooo happy about that! ^^ Congratulations everyone! This year, differently than usual, spring is coming really fast. So much ice already melted and sun is shining sooo much!!!~
Yeah right... That's how it WAS. But now it isn't... Can you believe that weather can totally change in one day? Well, it actually can. Especially after the first day of spring. What happened then:
1) Weather was so nice, almost everything melted, it wasn't cold outside at all but lots of water EVERYWHERE, which made my feet totally wet 'till I got home after a long time.
2) I saved a lot of money because I walked a lot and finally my friend's father took me home.
3) I took a lot of photos everywhere and even I look kinda nice in them. ;DD
4) I broke my camera... T_T So my photo project '365 photos' stopped for a few weeks. (I forgot I haven't told you much about that yet.)
5) Weather went terrible the same day in the night. Lots of snow again!!! AHHHHH!!!!! >.<
6) Oh, right, the Internet was down for about two days so I wasn't able to post this cheerful post! So now it went out like full of despair... (This interesting word went to my head 'cause now I'm listening to D'espairsRay. XDD )
Anyways in these days I was kinda like PS maniac again. Also my friend asked me to do our picture with some effects 'cause she is totally dumb at computers and especially PS. XDD So this is kinda nice and extremely SIMPLE work that I've done. No more than half hour was taken to make it.

(Yeah I blurred her face 'cause I care about other people's privacy. But I guess if she saw her looking like this she would kill me. I hope she won't see... XDDD)
What I did? I made it black-and-white, coloured our eyes, made them kinda shiny, blurred everything a bit and made our eyes, eyebrows and lips not blurred for more effect while looking at it. Totally simple but it looks nice and not so simple. ;]
Anyways, my tea is cold again... -_-
PS cool photo maker XDD ~Rinatsu~
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