Sorry, no happy time today, Rina-chan...

You know, I was just thinking... Is it just me, or is this week extremely terrible?!

What happened? Maybe some planets are making some mess or something? It looks like all people have a lot of problems. No normal communication, no mood, no nothing.
And today... I dunno. It looks like I fell in the hell... The past is happening again. WTH?! Help me someone or I'll get insane...
Anyways... I hope this terrible week will be over soon. I hope you all are feeling ok and no hard feelings inside. Don't let that be. Let them go away. Free yourself. ^^

I'm trying to be as positive as I can now. I really need that. ;] So... Also trying to feel free. Remembering that day in the photo. Making me feel better a bit. Good memories helps a lot. Thanks to all who makes good memories and never forget them. ^^
Fighting! ~Rinatsu~
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