Passion time!~

I guess almost everyone have their own passions or I should say crazy things. Like: collecting stuff!!~ It's really fun to do. And I guess everyone have something that they like to collect.

For example. Lots of girls are crazy about collecting shoes. Lots of peaceful and calm people are really interested in collecting post stamps... Hmm. ;D Also lots of people who travel abroad like to collect money from foreign countries.
It's actually one of my passions too. But ONE thing that separates me from other collectors: I have NEVER been abroad... But still... ;D
But now I noticed one thing. I'm totally crazy about all Japanese stuff. One of them - hashi, a.k.a. chopsticks!!! One interesting thing, that I didn't even know how to hold them and the first time I took them, I actually took them correctly! And also I didn't even knew how to use them but it was like natural to me. O_O Maybe my Asian blood does that. ;DD
Anyways, a few weeks ago I bought more chopsticks! Yes, more. ;D So now I have 6 pairs. And a few more taken from Asian restaurants. (Sounds so wrong. XDD But they aren't nice and they are for one time and disposable so it's ok. It's just to remember that I were there... ;DD)
You ask what I do with them? I can say that...nothing! But actually no, I use them for my hairstyles!~ ^o^ They look so pretty in my hair!! You should try that also! Of course I could use them to eat but my family isn't really into Asian stuff so no one besides me knows how to use them so it's ok. I know other ways of usage. ;PP
What I really am proud of is original Japanese hashi. Really nice ones. With cute little white bunny and a golden moon. ^^ I bought that in a Japanese shop that was the only one in a city but I almost cried when I went there again and saw that it was closed forever... I wanted to buy more stuff!!! TT_TT (The piano pic is from my 365 photos project. It's hard to see the bunny, I guess it isn't even visible, sorry but i don't have other photo of it at the moment. ^^')
Anyways, what is YOUR passion? What stuff do YOU collect? Would be really nice to know. ;P
Oh, by the way, here you can see the close up of the chopsticks I bought. ;P They are really nice!!!~ ^o^ I can't resist NOT to wear them. ;DDD
Chopsticks maniac ~Rinatsu~
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