Random thank you~

Hello all~

I haven't written for so long... >< And I'm actually a bit ashamed about it. A few months ago when it was still nice and cute summer (I guess) I promised myself that I will write my blog at least once a week. And guess what? I broke that promise maybe 2 or 3 weeks later... =_= So yeah... And I dropped writing at all... >< Just because I didn't find inspiration and also I thought: 'meh, who reads my blog any ways...' Soooo school started and I'm feeling very exhausted all the time. Lack of sleep and so on...
Buuuuuuut today I got a very nice surprise!~ One girl contacted me through Skype because her Japanese friend gave a link to my blog. That's so sweet you know~ ^^ Any ways, I realised how many people read it (statistics and so) soooo.....I promise I will change!~ And write it more often. ;]

I'm so surprised, grateful and thankful..! Arigato gozaimashita~ ^w^ ♥

Anyways...if you ask me, what interesting happened in my life? Nothing much. As usual, I'm just doing my photography project (I didn't take photo for today... ¬¬) '365', studying, chatting with my friends all around the world...Facebook, Twitter... Haha. Just usual life and usual routine. :3
So yeah guys that's what I wanted to say today. If you like my blog and would like to know more about me you can always contact me on my Facebook page or my Twitter!!~ ^^ I'm always open for new friends~ :3 Arigato minna~
Cutely surprised ~Rinatsu~