Extreme changes!

Good evening readers!! ^w^

Today I'm feeling AWESOME. Yesterday I dyed my hair!!! Remember this?
P.S.: I'm gonna dye my hair for the first time on Thursday!!!!!! I'm damn excited and can't wait for it!! Willing to show you photos later!!!~ --- 2010.11.30
So yeah. I wanted to make them soft orange, but things changed and I have them almost blond now. Well, there are a little bit shade of orange.. XDD ALSO I HAVE BANGS!!!! XD ♥ I haven't got bangs for about 3-4 years. I actually missed them a little. :3
Here are the some pics!


Yeaaaaah hair dresser cut it a lot. But I actually missed my shorter hair!! I'm sitting now with a tied up ponytail and it is so short, curly and cute!!! ^w^ ♥ I just love it.
By the way, I dunno how things will go with my bangs, since my hair likes to curl and so. Oh well, no I will need to take GOOD CARE of them. ;D
I am so extremely HAPPY with my new look!!! ^w^
Don't like - don't watch. That's what I always say. ;P
BTW! Sometimes it looks like I am an European version of Jessica Jung from Girls' Generation (SNSD). LMAO! Well, I actually tried to copy her hairstyle which is awesome. :3 And my friend said that I look like Korean girl! ;D YAY for my Asian roots!! XDD ♥
P.S.: I think that I'm on the edge of getting cold... I'm not feeling very well. XP So I just made a healthy BOMB. Healthy tea with honey and some cocoa butter. I hope it'll help since I really want to go out tomorrow... X(((
Extremely changed ~Rinatsu~
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