Crochet more please

Even though I am really lazy these days, I remembered my really old work that I started about 1,5 years ago. And I still hadn't finished it!!! I can't believe how lazy I am and now I'm trying to finish it. I was trying to draw some plan to help me finish faster and more productive. So yesterday my bed was...hm...kinda messy... XDD

And yeah you can say that my bed is super childish. I won’t be mad. ‘Cause anyways, Facebook said that my true age is 12… XDDD

And I was thinking about taking photo of my shawl (that green thing in the left) that I have made long time ago but I was also too lazy to think about good place to put that and also I need model or something. Don’t know. I will do that other day. XD
Sooo this is a little close up to my work (sweater):

This is my plan and progress. Well, wish me luck! I will definitely show you my finished work. ^_^
Ganbattene Rina-chan!!~
P.S.: Sweater is already done, please check my blog post with DIY tutorial for this awesome sweater. ^^
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