DIY: Sweater!

Yatta!!! It's the 4th day of spring! Dunno how about you guys but my mood is getting better and better now. ^w^

Sorry for the delaying this blog post. But you know, the last year of school, lots of studying, tiredness and stuff. It really pulls my mood off. :/
I have finally finished my sweater!! (Don't remember? Crochet me please)

The neck and a cute ribbon. It's just a decoration, you don't need to put it if you don't want. :3
The sleeve:

Side view:

Front view:

Well, maybe it would look better on someone else. I look kinda fatty like that... ._.
The main thing you need to know about this sweater that it's made from little circles! The pattern is very simple:

Scheme instructions:

The next thing you need to make is a shape. Well, I can say that it's the hardest work because it took me a lot of time to manage the right shape by myself. :/ But you can look at my example. I don't recommend you doing your sweater exactly as I draw it because we girls all have different bodies so you can never be sure that clothes of your friend will look good on you as it looks on her. :3 Any ways, here's the example. ^^

Talking about threads... I took half wool. The very big advantage is that you can wear it on other sweater in contrast with different colour. It looks awesome like that! ^^ (tried brown under this)
Be creative, reach for your aim and make awesome stuff with your own hands!! :3 ♥
With love, Rinatsu~
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