Llama is My New Friend

Heyia all!~

Few days ago I went to arboretum with my family. Parents wanted to check the price of 'Emerald Green' thuja (it was fuckin' expensive if you ask me). But at the same time we had a great time visiting a small garden full of beautiful statues like these:
(it's my sister standing there but let her stay private)

Or some funnier statues like these:

Poodle attack!!~ LOL
I also saw behemoth rubbish bins where you put your head...I mean rubbish in there. ^-^" But I didn't take my camera with me (I didn't know it's so beautiful there, besides I was almost sure that it's prohibited to take photos) so everything is taken with my phone camera (5 mega pixel phone camera is quite good when taking scenery photos).
Besides all beautiful nature there were a mini zoo!~ OvO I saw a lot of beautiful and rare swans, gooses, raccoons, owls, parrots... And even beautiful peacock!!~

I wasn't as attractive to him as my mom (he spread his tail in front of my mom with all it's beautifulness) so he left me standing there and looking at his butt...

But it isn't everything I saw. I found a new friend!! And it's name is...LLAMA!!!

He (or she, I don't know...) likes to pose...

Not really... He started acting really weird looking straight to me and chewing (?) something... O_o No, I can't say he was looking at me since I couldn't see his eyes. XDD He has damn huge bangs! Hahaha! But as far as I know he likes to spit and kick when he's angry so...we moved fast from him when he started acting weird like..trampling and munching something... O_o So yeah...
I left my friend there alone... T^T Naaah he wasn't alone, there were like..5-6 llamas so I know he's living happily right now... :') Lolwut? XD
Anyways..my journey didn't end so simple. The top was when we went to some countryside shop with EVERYTHING. I mean really EVERYTHING. They were selling clothes, shoes, constructional stuff, cookware, interior decorations, accessories and so on and so on... But I almost started LOLing when I saw vacuum-flask with....Jacob from New Moon!!! XDDDDDD
Team Jacob!!!!~ Hahahahahhahahahha
No guys, I'm not a fan of Twilight saga, I'm actually anti fan. :'D It's just that it was so funny, I just couldn't let myself not take a photo and not laugh at it...
Anyways, I'm not trying to insult anyone, it's my own opinion and I respect all fans. :}