Oh. My. God. - I'm here!~

I can't believe I haven't written for so long. I just moved to Blogger from WordPress and omfg I just noticed that my last post was on April, HOW??? It looks like my moving to Blogger was like a month or two ago, but totally not all summer and half spring! ;A;


Really really sorry for not updating for so long. ><

You can't even imagine how much I missed blogging!!! I wanted to write so many time but I just couldn't do that because I was determined to move first and then start my blog again.

It's not really a big deal but I started feeling uncomfortable in WordPress. I wanted to have more freedom which WordPress couldn't provide me. No hard feelings though!! I'm only talking about WP.com. It is free, of course, but very restricted while Blogger is for free and gives writer a lot more freedom. WP.org is a bit different. It's totally free BUT it costs and I don't want to pay to do a hobby that I like.
So THAT'S WHY I decided to choose Blogger.

Don't worry, all my previous blog posts are here, I took time and moved everything as it should be. You may have questions for some of the previous posts. It's okay, you are free to go back to my WordPress. Instead of a post there's a link to Blogger's post under all posts but you can always look up for comments for any questions. Still not sure? Comment here, on Blogger OR...like me on my Facebook page and message me. ^^

I can see that my audience is a little bit lesser than it was but it is growing back bigger. I'm so happy that you haven't left me, my dearest readers!! ♥

But wait, one HUGE minus I HATE at the moment - THIS THEME........
I SERIOUSLY HATE IT. Resolve: remember HTML and learn it from the very basics. I need to change it ASAP...

All in all, I will keep (or start) blogging even though I hate the design of my blog because I miss blogging so much! Please visit only my Blogger blog, I love it here!

ILY my readers, Rinatsu~ | My Twitter | My Facebook page