What the Gangnam?

Thanks to my friend Kevin (check his awesome Twitter here) I now got a new idea what to write in my new blog post! (*・∀-)♪ wink wink

Okay, I won't follow the whole thought he wrote because I will get bored and so will you all with reading boring facts. ;D

So PSYYYYYYYY...... Who are you?

(Okay, this isn't from Gangnam Style, but I really love this cover. ;D)

PSY is a 34 year old rapper who had his debut oh-so-long-ago...in 1999.
But I bet he have never thought of what will happen in 2012. His newest song 'Gangnam Style' was BOOM!

It's MV was released July 15th. And the number of views of his MV is ZOMFG. Screenshot of yesterday:

Seriously, I never thought some video on YT can hit this number SO FAST!

My Experience
I heard/saw MV the first day it was released. It was REALLY funny and total mindf*ck lolz. Fell in love with it although it was my first song of PSY that I've ever heard. It wasn't a surprise to me liking this kind of song because I'm into Kpop (Korean pop) for at least 3 years now (can't really remember). Sent it to my music player and listened to it with smile on my face on the way to meet my friends or to work.
But then strange things happened. I saw that some Lithuanian pages started posting this MV to their timelines quite often one after another (it was the end of August I think). It was quite surprising since Asian countries are NOT popular in this country. Actually..there are a lot of racist and I saw a lot of racist jokes in the comments so I was not happy about MV going this popular...
I had a real shock when I heard it playing on LT radio: 'okay...' - I thought...
There are good things. People are entertained, this song makes people dance like crazy and enjoy themselves. Like these awesome flashmobs in LT made by some university students:

But it still breaks my heart seeing some terrible comments under videos with a lot of swears... Makes me sick.
And it REALLY makes me sick when I'm walking down the street and seeing some disgusting looking people listening to the song I actually like...people like these:


And again, negativity about everything that is a bit different in LT is really really bad. That's probably the main reason why I write in English and try to get attention from whole world because there are too little normal people here...

It's actually quite sad that it got so popular. Music is my religion, my power to live, my inspiration. When I'm listening to music I feel that I'm in my own little world... ♥

I want to be unique. I want to be different. I want to be weird. And DGAF what others say.
Okay so I'm starting to go off topic so I'll stop here. (●´▽`)
I hope you got my idea and enjoyed reading my own opinion about Gangnam's popularity. (っ・ω・)っ
Aaaaaanyways... To end this became-waaaay-too-emotional post I'll post a picture I took yesterday.

A picture of my ponytail hair!!! Because it looks so cute I want to nom nom it!!!.....

Stay creative,
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