Crazy dinner

Hey all!
I got sick recently so I'm staying at home with a lot of studying to do. But besides that my creative side is really strong at the moment lol.
Okay, I'm lying, I didn't create this, I got inspired when I saw a picture somewhere on the internet hehehe.

Today I ate a monster!

I made it myself lol.

Spaghetti monster
What you need is only:
  • Sausages
  • Spaghetti
  • Everything else depends on your taste

Okay so it looks better with little sausages but I didn't have it at the moment so I did with big ones haha. How to start? Just stab your sausages with that pasta! (Okay that sounds wrong lol)

Then put it in a boiling water carefully. Hold them a bit at first. Try not to break them. When they get soft, put them further into bowl so everything is covered in water. Boil for...I dunno look what your spaghetti packaging says lol. Mine says 7-9 minutes. So I did it and omg yay! This is probably the creepiest dinner I've ever had:

I added half tomato (because that was the last piece left at home... (ಥへಥ) ) and some Heinz ketchup. Also I finished photo shooting this beautiful model in the plate I added dried dill and dried basil leaves on top. OMG I LOVE BASIL. I basically put it on every meal I do hahaha. ♥

I also found out really awesome creations people did like this:

Looks really cute

But this one I will show you is probably the creepiest meal with sausages and/or any kind of pasta I've ever seen lol:

gidhfkdjffhakdhfdkhfkd I WANT IT

And I actually saw someone describing it as a HAIRY SAUSAGE...... That is seriously wrong lolololol.

Happy dinner though I bet it's better as a breakfast somehow?
Stay creative and full,