Rinatsu's December Photo A Day Challenge

Hello Winter!~

DPAD - December Photo A Day
I decided to do a little challenge - taking a photo every day in some kind of exact topic/style/type. Here is a full explanation and here's a photo with a list:

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Show me YOUR try on this challenge!

Apparently I missed the 1st one so I started with 2nd and keeping it up!

2. Peace: What does peace look like for you? Or take a photo of a peace sign.
I thought that this is a double peace. I was showing a peace sign and going to bed. Sleeping people are always peaceful hahaha.

3. Something you held: a child, your phone, a gift, a shopping bag – anything!
I was kinda confused what kind of photo I should take this day. But I just let the day flow by without thinking after all. In an afternoon I got a tough decision to make: I was choosing a tapestry for my bed and voilà! Perfect shot to sum up my day. Held A LOT of tapestry examples haha. I just LOVE the one with cute rabbits. (人●´ω`●)

4. Black + white: Use a black + white filter on a photo of your choice, or take a photo of something black and white.

I almost forgot to take a photo omg so sorry. >< But my boy was glad to help and gave me an idea to take a photo of his watch. Few minutes were left till the end of the 12.04.
His idea was awesome. Clocks look great in b/w.

5. Looking up: Get down on the ground and take a photo from down low, looking up.
Came back from work that day and was totally undecided what photo I should take. So guess what? I looked around my room and got down on the ground under my green flowers. Looks quite creepy yet interesting. What do you think?

6. From where you live/your country: Take a photo of something from your country – a flag, something unique, a traditional dish, or something a little bit more common.
I looked around. Everything seems so common I couldn't even think of an original idea so at the end of the day I just took a photo of my university's IT faculty flag. Isn't that ONE OF THE KIND???!?!?! (HELOOOOOoooooOOOOO (G-Dragon, baby))

7. Stars: Take a photo of the stars at night, or stars you see around the place during the day.
I always struggle when it comes to fulfilling an idea. Result comes spontaneous and unexpected. When I saw today's topic I thought 'omg how can I take a photo of stars with my shitty digital camera?!?!'. Fortunately I went to see city's Christmas tree. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. And omg! I saw a star on top of it! That's my change, my topic, my photo. It was totally unexpected but it turned out to be an amazing shot. I love it (no, I'm not narcissistic, I just know what I deserve haha).

8. Someone you love: At this time of year we’re often catching up with loved ones. Take a photo of someone you love. If you’re not seeing a loved one today – take a photo of a photo – or get creative.
Actually I saw my loved one today but neither him nor I weren't in the mood for photoshoot so after he left I snapped probably my favourite photo of him in my phone. ^^

9. Out + about: Whatever you do today, take a photo while you’re doing it.

No problem! Today's topic was an easy one 'cause it happened that I had a really interesting think to do today! Making traditional Lithuanian food: cepelinai!!! Or Zeppelins. Yummy grated potatoes with nommy meat inside. ♥
I love making them with mom. I wouldn't be Rinatsu if I won't enjoy making funny stuff with food. Hahaha. And no, that saying 'don't play with food' doesn't matter at all 'cause I always eat that food I was playing with before hahaha.

10. Under: Take a photo of something {anything!} under something.
Came back from work, looked around and saw beautiful photo to be. Here's how it appeared.

11. Sweet: Take a photo of something sweet {food or not!}
Gosh, I always have something sweet around me but today I didn't have something that would inspire me. Something really cute and beautifully sweet. Yet I was in a hurry to meet my friends and boom...I accidentally pushed a box full of cosmetic tips. I don't usually throw q-tips but when I do they are all over the place. Especially when I'm in a hurry. That really made me think: 'sweet...'

12. Hat: Take a photo of a hat. If it’s cold – perhaps a beanie. If it’s hot, perhaps a sun hat.
Easy task. I am just making hat for my sister. I'm almost finished!! Only pom pom and braids left to attach. I will post a tutorial very soon. :3

13. Lights: Take a photo of some lights at night.

My camera sucks when I have to take photo in the darkness. So I cheated a bit... But in fact no, I haven't. I'll explain now.
I have been volunteering today (and tomorrow too). Selling candles which were not simple candles, money collected will go to charity which is called 'Caritas'. :3
It was dark outside already when I took this photo so you can call it a night. And these candles have such beautiful lights. ^^ They are not lighted up now but it has some light even now. They were made by people who some made bad things in life but trying to start everything over again. It makes my heart warm that some people gave even more than it costs and took only 1 candle. ;u;

16. Something you made: Perhaps it’s just some toast, or something more extravagant. Shoot it.

Oh yes, I skipped two days because I lost inspiration recently, I keep getting distracted by shitty work and I've been having really hard time getting myself together to stay strong...
It was my last night at this work. Kept knitting to keep myself calm and concentrated at something. It was really hard because I'm getting ill and I went to work with fever. I woke up with very high fever after I got home and took a nap. F*ck you work, you really couldn't take any more health from me.
Anyways, I'm trying to sell my handmade stuff like..fruits I crocheted and hats I knit. But not many seems interested in handmade work. No wonder. Who will pay for good quality but big price when you can get something really cheap but shitty machine quality...

18. Makes you feel merry: What’s making you happy today? Shoot it.

Yes, I skipped again... 'Cause I was laying in my bed all the time and slept for almost 24 hours...
I'm ill, I have fever, I just quit my job and it made me sick. I woke up with 38C yesterday. So guess what makes me feel merry today? Hot herb tea and medicine...

19. Something beginning with ‘s’: Find something beginning with S and shoot it.
My first day at new work. My boyfriend took me home from work. We sat together with my mom, drinking tea and chilling in the evening and then I go 'OMG I didn't take any photo for today!! Give me something that begins with 's'!' I didn't need that, I noticed vase full of Sweets near me and took my own crocheted Strawberry from my bag (I always carry it with me). Double S!

20. Weather: In some parts of the world it will be snowing, in others it will be REALLY hot. Share a photo that represents the weather where you are.
I went shopping today, bought stuff to make home-made face cleanser, body lotion and some other Christmas stuff. But baaaaaaaah.... I forgot to take camera with me. And I saw really awesome view in market's parking lot. One car was literally buried in snow hahahaha. It was sad I couldn't capture this amazing car that won't take long to dig out at all haha but I thought that I will take my camera and go out a bit. I already had a pattern in my head but once I stepped into warm corridor of mine I couldn't think about going out anymore. ;___; So yeah, here's a photo of me freezing and trying to warm up. I won't go outside today, don't even think about it!!!

21. Tree: Take a photo of a tree {yes, we did this last month – but try and be creative!}
All trees look so gloomy now so here you go a tree alley called Liberty Avenue.

22. Decoration: It could be Christmas related, or a decoration in your home.
I was going home from work. But right when I stepped out of it I stopped. Today's topic is decoration. And guess what's there in my left? PERFECT SHOT FOR THE CHALLENGE. I thought that Christmas decoration might be too mainstream hahaha.

23. Joy is______: What makes your filled with joy? Take a photo.
Had a lot of options for this topic. Photography, new technologies, digital art, crafts... I chose crafts and there's no doubt that my fav of all crafts is crocheting. So I did a little composition from yarn I bought few days ago when I had a shopping day and didn't take camera for photo of that day (check my Weather day above). Look forward because this yarn is planned to be something for my new creation. ☆^▽^☆

24. Tradition/something you always do: What’s something you always do? A family tradition?
I'll be one of those mainstream people who will take photo of Christmas Eve dinner table. Yup, because I'm so out of ideas and so unoriginal. And yet that's probably the best way to show our tradition that happens every year since I was born and even before haha.

25. Lunchtime: If you celebrate Christmas – take a photo of what you’re doing at lunchtime {traveling, partying, opening gifts, laughing, drinking}. If you don’t celebrate Christmas – share what you did at lunchtime.
Obviously, I was eating. And I was eating MY FAVOURITE DISH I EAT DURING CHRISTMAS TIME... ♥♥♥ Fish fingers with onion/ketchup dressing. ;u; Less important thing in the plate - bean and red beet salads. But even though it's not important, lets appreciate its famous appearance in this marvellous photo.

26. Mess: Take a photo of a mess. Or a lack of one if you’re that way inclined.
Best way to represent mess after the Christmas - bunch of used gift paper on my piano and no presents left hahaha.

29. Hot: Take a photo of something hot.
Mom and I sat with cups of hot tea in front of light up candle which was a Christmas present for my mom from me. It's reaaaally beautiful. ^.^ So I just took a photo of this beautiful candle. Enjoy.

31. Self-portrait: Take your last selfie for the year. If you’re partying, take a photo with friends. If you’re having a quiet night in, take a photo of what you’re doing. Self-portraits don’t have to be obvious. I like very abstract ones – feet are an easy way to take a photo of yourself.
Guess what? I was working till 7pm during the last day of the year. So I took a photo of me standing near my new friend at work... *coughs* She's so HUGE. I feel little which doesn't happen really often as I'm 175cm tall hahaha. Today was fun at work. Few customers who didn't buy anything with ugly personalities at the end of the day but it was all good. And I think that this photo totally summarizes how I feel now. ^^

That's it. I hope you enjoyed the month of my every day life. Comment, and share your own works below this post or my FB page or My Twitter! All links below. Good luck.

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