Beautiful hair: Ombré

I feel like hiding recently...

And yes, I dyed my hair deep red not so long ago. Need to renew that colour I missed already so much!

That's not everything I did. There's this new trend called 'ombré'. It means 'shaded' in French. It's not really popular out where I live so I'm happy 'cause I hate fashion that everyone are following like some kind of parrots... .-.

So I did ombré. How this came to my mind? I first thought about blonde highlights on my red hair. But then I saw this girl who inspired me...

Omg perfection...

If someone happens to know who she is please let me know in the comments section below!
It appears that this girl is Luanna Perez-Garreaud, a blogger of a fashion blog. I'm not really into fashion but damn, she's awesome.

So here is MY ombré:

It happened to be a very slight ombré because I had to cut a lot of hair, it was really damaged, that's why. :c And bigger ombré would have looked just silly and ridiculous on shorter hair. (LIKE THIS ONE or THIS... Although people keep saying they pull this look great but sirius lee, I hate how they look...)

Here's a lower quality pic, but I wanted to show you my ombré better:

It WILL get lighter because you know, red washes off fast. But I like it when I have my faded orange lol. My blonde tips might get lighter too 'cause my hair tends to get lighter lol. I will keep you updated with my changes!

Stay original,
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