Before spreading my wings...

I haven't been writing for sooo long. I missed it sooo much!

I just can't settle down. Once I get used to the new stuff happening in my life then suddenly there's something huge again. I'm not even surprised anymore that life can turn around 180 degrees in a month or two...

Newsflash for those who don't follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: I live in UK now. BOOM. It was a planned 'trip' for 2 months to earn money. But then everything changed when fire nation attacked...*coughs* sorry, Avatar The Last Airbender addict *coughs* Everything changed when I started liking it here and it really felt the right place for me to be. Anyways, I'm saving my story and some interesting pics for the next blog post. I realised that I've got sh*t loads of pictures before leaving Lithuania. You know me - I always got an interesting story behind every pic and I know you love seeing and reading it. Mwahahaha. ψ(`∇´)ψ


On the last weeks of my life in Lithuania I went to my grandparents (although I didn't know they were the last weeks...) and there was this huge storm outside. It started with a strong rain (duh) but it looked really nice so I took some nice pictures.

These swings (without a seat at the moment) bring back so many good childhood memories... ♥

You know how I love macro photography. ^^

But no, heavy rain, ripping leaves and sick wind wasn't enough, so it had to be something huge. It looked like the end of the world was coming (someone doesn't know the numbers! It's 2013!!!) lol. We were looking out of the window with some creeped out and mesmerised look lol.

It was moving, covering the last patches of light and that was creepy.

It is a bit funny because I always remember this pic when I look at my pictures:

Well, the world didn't end (obviously) but we had some surprise when we were heading home... After finding some tree resting in peace on the road and taking a bypass we were stopped by a huge oak on the main road with basically no bypasses near. It was funny because everyone were taking pics and I was one of them too lol.

The firefighters were already taking action but it looked like it wasn't going to be finished anytime soon so we had to go back about 10km to do a huuuuge bypass. We reached home happily despite some trees and bushes covering half of the road here and there lol... ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌


So, back in Kaunas. My boyfriend took me to Aleksotas panorama. I've been there for the first time in my life. Yes, I'm that lame lol.

It was really nice. Beautiful place. And we even found some new friends there!

Lol! This cat was so cute, it kept rubbing its head on us and even hopping on our laps haha.

Such a cutie (although I'm more a dog person lol).

I could not notice this awesome art(?) on the ground. I suppose the sponsor of the bridge lighting or road repair (I have no clue) that we had to cross to reach panorama is chocolate company 'Fazer'. Well, you can tell that just seeing the metal chocolate bar on the ground haha. Looks really cool.

It wouldn't be us if we hadn't done a little photoshoot haha.

Awww we're so cute. And he accidentally did a sexy smirk lol (⊙ヮ⊙)

One of the best memories that will stay in my head forever: meeting Kevin, my amazing friend from Mexico. ♥ I know I wasn't the best at showing you around and taking to nice places in Kaunas because of my f*cked up schedule, trying to do everything but in the end doing nothing, but I really hope that we can meet again one day and we will catch up. (⌒.−)=★

I look like sh*t in this pic but it would be the shame not to post it!!!


It's one of the most popular places in Kaunas and it's really nice too. But why take the boring road when you can go through the forest... OwO

It was a beautiful day with sun almost setting down. Perfect day to take lots of photos of nature...

...cloud reflection on water...


...and very interesting boat...

Why interesting, you ask? Because it's named as 'Ham'...

Because seriously, why not name your boat Ham... ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Pazaislis Monastery on our way back home.


I just wanted to show you some cute slugs I found in sorrels I was checking from bugs, that's all...

Looks how cute they are ♥


It's not something that I should be proud of...but omg I've got so drunk with my best friend that we were just wandering around Kaunas till 5am, with random guys buying us beer, some foreign gays trying to make conversation with us...well, umm...that sounds really weird and it WAS weird lol. Basically we were just having conversation with each other about life and stuff. Yes, that happens a lot when you're drunk. And at the end we were waiting for my boyfriend to come pick us up so we won't get lost. And in the meantime we had some interesting show. Apparently, some foreigners decided to get naked and run around Liberty Avenue's fountain where we were sitting. Now that was fun. And we weren't we if didn't take a pic of...not what you thinking. We took photo of us two cuties. ^^ Because why not ♥

I still can't remember some things of that evening but oh well, that's what you get for having too much beer with your bff hahaha. ♥

Anyways...you just can't imagine how much I miss my Karolina and my mom and my sis. I have a really strong bond with all of them and it's really heartbreaking to be so far away, not having many abilities to hear their voices, not even talking about seeing them...(busy schedules and stuff...)

I miss having cosy evenings with my mom... Tea and something sweet to end our day. It was the best. I miss her so much and I wish I can visit her as soon as possible... ♥

(´∩`。) ♥

Well, I need to stop being sad because I CAN fill this whole blog post with tears and sad stuff but you DON'T want to read that...

I'll just spam you with my fresh hair colour I had before leaving:

I think this is the most orange I've ever been lol. AND JUST LOOK AT DAT ICE CREAM. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

This blog post super super long. One of the longest I've ever written (probably). Can't help it! Hope you enjoyed it because I've got some interesting news in the next blog post. Adventures in UK!

Just to make you happy, one picture of my you won't see me doing very often...

This was done to annoy my boyfriend but apparently he loved it. Damn... LOL

Always stay adventurous!
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