Shop is now open!

I got big news!!!

I have always dreamt about having my own shop on Etsy with my own handmade stuff on it and... *drums* ...NOW IT'S OPEN!!! It looks really funny now 'cause it only has one thing - funky slouchy beanie hat I finished few days ago. And it's only £25 (who knows, there might be a sale!)!
I promise new things are coming soon!

You can find this hat by clicking THIS LINK

Aaaand today I finished this beautiful grey slouchy beanie with superwash merino wool. It's so soft! 

Coming soon on Etsy! 

You can always find the link to my Etsy shop on the side of my posts. Right now it's on the left lol.

Hope you visit it and maybe choose something one day. I promise there's more stuff coming!