My home hair colour and dye review

This is NOT a sponsored blog post. This is my own experience and opinion. I am one of those people who like to read reviews before buying some serious product like hair dye and I believe I'm not the only one so I want to help anyone in confusion.

Since I lack inspiration to write a good blog post about my life with all the pics I have (and I have a lot) I decided to write a short blog post about my hair colour because I got few questions about what kind of dye I'm using and so on. :)

First off all, I've never dyed my own hair since summer of 2013. Ever since my first dyeing (honey blonde, winter of 2010) I would always go to my amazing hair dresser every three months who uses professional hair dyes which are as natural as possible so I have no idea what dye it was.

This is how I looked when I left Lithuania:

Veeeeery bright orange (oh yeah, my hairdresser had fun that time lol)

When I decided to stay in UK longer I started wanting something darker than my usual orange/red. So...

My first home dyeing. L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue 465 Dark Burgundy Red

Usage: So I chose the mousse dye because I thought it will be easiest for the first time user. And it was easy. Doesn't drip and applies very easily. Leaflet with all instructions helped a lot too.

Colour and package: But oh my glob how wrong I was about the colour! No no, the colour is good itself but I forgot what kind of colour 'burgundy' is and omg...I trusted the package colour too much... It wasn't the deep dark red I wanted. It was wine red. It was like a violet and red mixed together. And violet is totally  NOT what I wanted. I don't know what they're trying to show on the package with that shiny red colour. It is far from that. I mean, it's my fault for not looking up colour before buying but the package is just wrong, c'mon...

Smell and feel: It was horrible... So much ammonia I couldn't breath even though I was dyeing near the open window... I was so scared I thought my hair would fall off from so much ammonia omg lol. And I felt a bit of skin burning. Oooooh and that annoying feeling that you just want to sink your fingers into that dye and scratch scratch scratch hahaha.

Result: Obviously not what I wanted. At first it was okay, and I was convincing myself that it's okay but little by little I started hating it more and more. Plus it wasn't even but maybe it was my fault lol.
I got one picture made with my webcam. It's really bad quality and it doesn't show how dark it actually was. Sorry, I still had my old Nokia phone with horribly picture quality and my camera was dead.

So believe me or not I dyed my hair next day...

Garnier Olia 6.60 Intense Red

Usage: It is a cream consistency which I was a bit afraid of but it has a really comfortable jar so you just squeeze the jar directly onto your hair. I chose this because damn, I just dyed my hair yesterday!! I needed something natural and less scary. Plus it's no ammonia! I'm afraid of ammonia smell from now on...

Colour and package: As I said package is really comfortable if you're not use to cream dye and/or bowls and brushes. Colour on the package is quite accurate too. When you mix the dye with developer cream it looks super orange but it isn't lol.

Smell and feel: Smells nice, no ammonia, calm breathing haha. No itchiness or burning. Loving it!!

Result: I see a lot of pictures and videos where girls get deep red with a slight orange shine after dyeing hair with this dye. But since mine was done burgundy I got this weird colour of...something. But it was red so..I guess I was okay. The orange shade I always had was completely killed because of burgundy colour that was previously used.

Different light (and different camera lol) gave a more reddish feel...

Later on it started fading and I started liking it more. After another time of dyeing with Garnier Olia again (same colour) it started looking better.

Imma kill you in your sleep lol
And omg few months in a row after colour fading enough there would always appear this ginger strand of hair right in front.. Annoyed me at first but later started liking it too haha.

Okay so after a lot of Olia usage I decided that I want to go back to being more orange haha. So yesterday after watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of reviews I decided to try another Garnier brand.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour 7.64 Intense Copper

The dye is called Intense Copper but here it says Nectarine... Oh well lol, but it's the same dye.

Usage: Cream consistency. After watching YT home hair dyeing tutorials I bought a mixing bowl and few brushes for a pound because I finally wanted to try doing it this way hehe. And it was really easy!

Colour and package: Colour on the package matches (more or less) the true colour. This is a great advantage for Garnier Nutrisse. Thumbs up!

Smell and feel: I was a bit scared after watching few YT vids because some of the girls were saying that it has a really strong ammonia smell. But I just wanted to do that because Nutrisse is slightly stronger dye which stays a little longer too. BUT the developer cream had a really nice fruity smell. I did feel the ammonia when I was mixing dye and developer cream in the bowl but it was fading little by little in that fruity sea lol. After I was done mixing the ammonia smell was almost gone. AWESOME!!! And of course, no itchiness or burning. ^^

Result: I wasn't expecting to transform into ginger overnight lol. It didn't change the colour much but it finally gave that orange shine. And my roots look like a carrot hahahaha. I kinda like that. Totally gonna use it next time. Transition to ginger started!

It still looks quite dark in direct natural light:

But you can see my orange roots lol:

Sorry for the puffy eyes. I barely slept tonight...

But it looked really awesome in a dimmed natural light. You could totally feel the ginger in me!! Hahahahaha

To sum up: I was choosing between L'Oreal Feria and Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour to start my copper transition. But since I have had not very good experience with L'Oreal and this brand is known for obsessive usage of a chemicals I decided to choose Garnier. It always has a really nice fruity feel and smell. Starting to fall in love with Garnier more and more hahaha. Not to forget Garnier Olia. It was amazing and would recommend it to everyone as much as Nutrisse Ultra Colour. ♥

I hope my review helped you decide. ♥ Have a beautiful hair day.

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