What To Watch? Her (2013)

*NO spoilers in this blog post. This blog post is not a review either. This is basically my opinion and what kind of emotions I got after watching it.*

I've decided to start a series of blog posts from now on. I've seen a lot of movies and a lot of them deserves a blog post but my memory is not that good to remember all of them and what kind of emotions I got after that lol. As I've said above, there will be no spoilers nor reviews, only my opinion and emotions. Why? Because I've been having a lot of emotional problems recently and noticed that watching horror films isn't helping me so I've decided that I need to watch other type of movies and write everything I feel down. This might help others too!

So today's post is about last year's movie Her.

I've chose a poster from official Facebook page with those awards because it looks so fancy hahaha.

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1798709/

Genre: Drama || Romance || Sci-Fi
I'm not a person who watches drama or romance but sci-fi kinda caught me. And I was right. The movie has a really weird and twisted love story. And if you're into technology/computer stuff you will love it.

Trailer: I haven't seen the trailer before watching a movie. Actually creators often show best parts of the movie and basically whole storyline. Why would you do that??? (」゜ロ゜)」 But I've watched the trailer AFTER seeing the movie and I can say that it doesn't really reveal anything and covers whole storyline pretty well.

Idea and realisation: As I said above, it has a really weird and twisted love story which will shock you or make your cry or laugh or I dunno...feel resemblance?

Emotions after: Actually I cried. Not because of the movie. Few minutes after it ended I just started crying. I felt bad because I am trying to cope with depression at the moment and this movie made me think how different I am when I'm like that, with emotions all messed up and how I treat people differently than I usually do, getting angry fast and so... That I should be more considerate and so. Well, to sum up it really made me emotional and it made me think a lot.

I recommend to watch this movie!

Sooo enjoy, and leave your comments/experiences/emotions in the comments! ^^

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