I got rejected

Today I experienced the weirdest and most frustrating thing I've ever experienced during my job hunt.

Today I got rejected. I had interview yesterday for a waitress position in a French cafe. I was accepted and invited to come today to start training. I had a free evening so I decided to finally dye my hair. It's been a while and my roots were too frightening lol. I was aware that the copper dye I bought won't remove my red colour since it's too dark but my roots became really orange nicely transitioning to red. Kinda like inverted ombre lol!

This is how I looked yesterday after dyeing:

Kinda dark, can't really see colours well.

Aaaanyways, today I come for a training, joining the staff meeting and boom...

-You dyed your hair?
-Yes I did.
-It was darker yesterday.
-Yes it was.
-You can't work with hair this bright.

...okay. So it appears that leisure centre this cafe is opening at created some stupid rules about person's appearance. Person can't have any face piercing, can't have any tattoos and can't have his/her hair dyed unnatural colours. They only allow shades of brown and blonde. I was told that if I dye my hair dark they will hire me. I was totally shocked. I said I will think and went to do the induction. After that I just went to the manager and told that I can't do this. I can't just dye my hair and it is sad that they judge person because of the hair colour and doesn't consider person with colourful hair the same valuable staff member.

Seriously I was so shocked and angry and annoyed! Since when you can tell if person is good or not just by looking at their hair colour??! You learn something new every day. What if the actual natural bright ginger would come to the interview. Would they ask to dye her/his hair dark too? Lol. Well, no thank you, I am not going to change myself the way they want so that I can work and hate how I look. This is just stupid.

All companies I have applied for talk about equal rights, asking so many questions about race, age, gender, etc all the time. I guess they should add *natural hair*(!!!) in their job description because this is the only discrimination since everyone's so equal lol...

To think about it...I don't even consider myself as one of those crazy people with crazy hair! My face isn't pierced, I only have 3 lobe piercings and had to grow my cartilage because it never fully healed for few years and I don't have any tattoos. But this was my first time like that... I'm speechless.

Yeah well, be calm, I'm not going to change my hair for sure... I look great.

I'm flaming dammit! ♥

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Tell me your story. ♥

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P.S.: I don't hold any grudges to that cafe. People are really friendly and great. All atmosphere is inviting. It's that supid leisure centre fault... Seriously what kind of stupidity just happened today...