Restaurant Review: Banana Tree Milton Keynes


Whoa I'm seriously starting to get so random right now. I've been writing about so many things in my blog but I think this is my first restaurant review haha. Expanding!

I was eagerly waiting for this restaurant to open in The Hub, Milton Keynes for a few months now. The cuisine is said to be Indochina. I've never tried that before but was really interested. I joined their mailing list as they were promoting it on the soon-to-be-opened restaurant but sadly I joined it too soon as the free dessert I received was valid only till the start of July and the restaurant opened like a week ago. (╯︵╰,)

First impressions. Interesting. There's a chill zone as soon as you enter and bartenders greets you asking you if you want to sit at the bar or you're here to eat. If you want to eat you have to pass by the open kitchen on your left which is really weird. Never seen it before. 

Interior. Something's missing. It has unique interior. Everything's wooden and it has lots of different spaces for you to sit and eat. But it feel's like something's missing though. It looks like it haven't been finished yet haha. Also the kitchen is all white tiles and it doesn't really fit all wooden front of house interior.

Service. Not too bad. The manager or supervisor who greeted us was really nice. Explained the menu since we were really confused. I still was even after his explanation though hahaha but let's ignore that. Our server was obviously new in this kind of job. Self-conscious introverted girl. Was really hard to make her laugh even though my dearest and I were all funny and easy going. I don't blame her. I was like that too when I started haha. I hope she'll improve. 。◕‿◕。 

Mains. Weird portions, weird taste. I don't even know. I'm a big gourmet. But I really wanted to try this Indochina cuisine. The ingredients sounded all randomly threw together. It was so hard to choose. Also it comes alone so you have to order sides separately. My dearest ordered crispy chicken with mango and lime sauce and I grabbed seafood curry. My choice was probably the worst choice in history lol. Teeny tiny pan with I don't even know what. Honestly I found like once tiny piece of tilapia fillet, 3 prawns, 2 random weird fish cakes and some sponges (I've no idea what that was). Had all this with jasmine rice. Was pretty bad but I don't blame the kitchen. I wanted to experiment so I chose it. I'm not like one of those b*tchy customers who wouldn't pay for something that they originally wanted to just try. Lol my choice my fault. The rice didn't have much taste though. (´_`。) My dearest really liked his crispy chicken with egg fried rice though. Although I wasn't a big fan of his food either. I guess it's just not my food hahaha. What I didn't like was a big difference in different main courses in size. All the prices were pretty much similar but the sizes were like WOW WHAT? After eating a teeny tiny pan of something I saw a huge plate of salads and meat and everything on other table. Whoa, jelly...

Desserts. Eh? Damn, desserts took me a while as well. It's just sooo hard to choose with these weird combinations. After a long time analysing menu I finally decided to order Balinese 'Pulut Hitam' Pudding. It took so long for the kitchen to prepare it that I forgot what I ordered and when it came I was a bit surprised...

When my dearest asked for a bill we saw a 'pancake' on the bill which wasn't what we ordered (the price was also different). It looks like this was a Coconut Stuffed Green Thai Pancakes. The stuffing was really dry and too crunchy... I loved the ice cream though hahaha. Yeah so unfortunately I didn't get pudding I really wanted to try. But you know what? Jasmine tea is just heavenly. ✿♥‿♥✿

Price. Damn expensive. Compared to the price we pay for a proper meal we get in other restaurants we've been so far this is damn expensive. Our bill have never been higher than £43 and that's for a normal meal. Meaning either starter(s) or dessert(s) and mains (drinks included of course). And this time the bill was £49 only for a main course (they took the dessert off the bill because of the mistake, plus I didn't eat much of it, meh). It's actually quite ridiculous to pay a price for the main alone so big that you could actually get a proper main somewhere else. And the sides are £4-5. Well, we weren't aware of that before going there and I had quite a lot of expectations unfortunately. 

For the conclusion. Won't eat, might come back for the chill zone. Yeah so before leaving we stopped at the chill zone and played some table football (first time in my life omg!!). Scored 1 point after I was almost defeated. Achievement! Lol. I liked how the bar zone is so separated, there are bar seats and also some hammocks in the chill zone. So perfect during the happy cocktail hour Mon-Fri till 7pm. Want to come back for that only lol.

Alsooooooo... I want to show you the most beautiful natural blonde hair colour you will ever see.

Seriously, I'm so envious of his hair. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ (did you know that I have a big admiration for blonde haired guys? hahahha)

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Happy experimenting (hopefully successful one lol) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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