The beauty of Nature

This is so amazing! I finally was able to take a photo of lightning! So beautiful... ♥ Check it out. Wonderful nature.
Happened on 2010.08.07 00:50
But after all beautiful sight wasn't so beautiful when the next night happened a huge squall... >.< Electricity was down for about 31 hours. It came back today about noon. Gosh it's really terrible when there is no warm food, no warm water, and actually no water at all!! T^T 'Cause we get water through electricity... Oh, I'm happy it came back, but a huge squall made a lot of damage in my city... :/ I'm hoping it'll be calm for now... Even 4 people died after that. O_O
Anyways... Enjoy the view and have a calm evening!~ ^^
Thunderfull photographer (XD) ~Rinatsu~
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