Tiger make up~

Since I promised myself that I will update blog as much as possible...here is a new post. Any ways, I was a bit confused what I should post today, but I thought that I should post some of my make up tries. Haha. So what I am going to show you today? My tiger eye make up!~ ^^

If you ask if it easy or not... I would say that practise is everything. ;P BTW, it wasn't created by me. The main idea is from Michelle Phan. ^^ ♥

Here's the tutorial video for it ^-^

- - - - -
BTW I went to cinema (Ice Age 3) with my parents today... And I promised I won't go with them never again. Soooo boring. It looks like they want to be at home 24/7. u_u No wonder...
Tiger eyed ~Rinatsu~