Straight hair madness

Have you got it?! I have!! >< I always had wavy (and MESSY) hair. And I started wanting hair straightener a few months ago. And I got it!! Well it was about month ago when I bought it...

Don't mind that hoodie. It was a shopping day and this photo was taken from my 365 photos project. Haha.
I'm not going to talk about that straightener that I bought. All I have to say that Remington is a really good brand!!~ ^^ And I really recommend you buying a straightener that has changeable temperature. ;]
But I want to write a blog post about advantages and disadvantages of having straight hair! This is what I checked and wrote down one day.


  • Straight hair looks shinier.
  • It also looks longer.
  • It becomes very easy to make fast hairstyles like simple ponytail.
  • You can make cute bangs with a good shape (not the ones that I had for about 15 years of my life...).
  • When you have straight hair, it don't really require to have any other hairstyle! You can just leave them the way they are!


  • You must use heat protection products every time if you want to keep them healthy.
  • You must use straightener ONLY on dry hair. Don't believe me? O_o I have heard some stupid girls were posting nonsense in forums like saying that using straightener on wet hair makes not necessary water to disappear. Bullshit!!! As you know water starts to boil at 100C/212F temperature. And straightener is 140-230C/284-446F temperature. When you straighten wet hair, water in your hair starts to boil. Bubbles start to appear and it makes big holes in your hair. And it can BREAK. Not the ends. It can break in the middle of your hair or even near you scalp! I don't think that you want to lose your hair... So don't try to straightening them wet!!!
  • Fashion cult! Meaning? Means that a lot of people have straight hair now. So it can be a little bit difficult for you to stand out. ;] But it doesn't really matter. If you have really nice healthy hair, you can look awesome even standing in a hundred straight haired girls crowd... Well, not really... XDD BUT you can always try. ;DD
- - - - -
So yeah. As you can see I actually found more advantages than disadvantages. XD Oh, lucky you straight haired people. Having no problems at all. Differently than me. ;D But you know what I found out? I look great both ways! Having straight or curly hair suits me perfectly. XD

P.S.: Sorry that I don't have many good straight haired photos. Didn't make those yet. XD
Happy straightening!~ And keep your hair healthy!! ^^
Straight haired ~Rinatsu~
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