The big decision time

Friday (02.04) was a different day. There were no classes because school gave opportunity to go to exhibition about studiesuniversities and career.

What sucked? School gave us bus to capital city but didn't book tickets to enter for free... ¬ ¬
What was amazing? I finally decided my future. Studies that are a part of my dream are coming true. 
The main sign that I went to some exhibition - A LOT of papers about universities. XD

These are all brochures that I took there. I didn't take ALL I saw because you can't imagine how many people, university stands and papers there were!!! So I mostly took papers about IT, photography, art, design and music courses. :}
Sorry about poor quality photos, was rather lazy to check all settings. ^^"
This is a ticket to exhibition called 'Litexpo' (where I went lol).
This is a plan. The most interesting thing is that I took the plan after I visited everything. XDD LOL FAIL.
A little book with a lot of information about student's exchange program - ERASMUS. I still haven't started reading it though. XD

This is my beloved book about studies in one of universities I like. This is where I found my dream. 

This university. I always wanted to study there. ^^

So this is what I wanted to show you. I wasn't really going there having a big aim or something, I wasn't expecting anything impressive. Just a little more information but when I found this... I can think that my dream can really come true... :3 I'll keep everything as a secret for now, but if I reach what I'm aiming for, I'll definitely tell you. ^^
Keep the faith and reach your aims. ALWAYS.