DIY: table napkin

[NOTE: If you live in Lithuania, and want me to make one like this for you just write a comment under this blog post and we'll make a deal about it. ;} ]

~ ~ With scheme explanations! ~ ~
You all maybe have noticed that I'm very addicted to handmade stuff right now. XD When I'm so exhausted by all student dying..khem.. studying...the only thing that is left for me to relax is crocheting!~
While it's snowing as hell outside <(>_<)>, I'm wrapped in big sweaters and shawl, writing blog posts about DIY stuff. Of course I have a lot of magazines with bunches of schemes but I prefer to put only what I have already tried. ^^
Remember this very old blog post? => Table-napkin that won

It's a very beautiful 50x50cm table napkin. Perfect for decorating little dark wood tables. Or anything you like! You can even give it to someone as a present!!~ I would love to get one like this from someone close! ^^ Here's a scheme for it. :3

Scheme explanation:

How to make a bud:

I used white cotton threads but you can use anything you like! ^^
Have a nice time crocheting and good luck!~
I already finished crocheting my sweater and here's a DIY tutorial for it. ^^
DYWY (do your world yourself ;D) ~Rinatsu~
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