It's my 60th post so far. It's quite a little number having in mind that I started writing my blog a bit more than 2 years ago, right? Well, I always write my blog following one main rule that I won't write a blog about personal stuff, blabbing and/or crying about unfair life or useless and not interesting things that are only important to me. (I'm quite emo, huh?)

It was quite hard at first. I didn't know how to write a blog so that other people would like it. I really wrote useless stuff and when I read it now it's so boring that it makes me sick. No wonder..
Time pass and I get better at blogging. Never thought that writing will give me this much of a good feeling since I always sucked at it... I couldn't even write a real diary since I got sick of writing only about two pages and when I read a few pages of my so called diary now I shock myself about it's meaningless existence and irrelevant happenings written there. Were they really the most important things that I had to write about? No, not really. I'm quite an introvert so the most important things were always only in my head...
So I'm being emotional here again? Nah, not really. I actually wanted to thank all my readers (quite unexpected?). Not my every post happens to be as inspirational as it should be. Sometimes I'm too emo. But there are always these readers that are always with me.

These numbers mean a lot to me. Not all number of people are my loyal readers (of course) but it still makes me feel really good. When I see a huge column with the number of a lot of visits in my statistics it makes me feel so happy. I feel that maybe some post helped someone or even gave inspiration to stand up (or keep sitting lol) and do something that he/she always wanted to do. After thinking about it I always start feeling like that:

I know that a lot of people just come and go but some people stayed with me from the very start till now and I hope that they will stay even more. I don't know all of my subscribers but I know quite a lot and when they say good words about my blog posts or some creative stuff I do my heart fills with soft little bubbles and I look like that:

No kidding...
I don't know what more to say... I have a lot of projects in my head. I want to start working with new design, modelling, etc. computer programs and improve skills with the old ones. I want to write more technology related stuff. I want to make clothes and start doing accessories. I want to improve my make up skills and make tutorials to help others. I want to live more useful life and write about it.
And I only write about these aims because I know that some people care and some people are always there for me. Internet friends, my blog readers, people in real life encourage me to do something and not stand in one place.
OMG I can't believe that my super duper bad mood is gone now after pouring all my heart here.
Always stay happy, always do something that makes you feel good, never let people who make you feel happy go. Whether they're your chat friends or irl friends, it doesn't matter as long as they make you smile.
Enjoy your life, Rinatsu
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