Make Up Tutorial: Natural Look

Heyia all!
This post will be a lot different than what I usually write. Most of my recent posts were my thoughts, DIYs or technology related stuff. But today I want to show you something different.
I thought about making make up tutorials quite long time ago. But didn't have much ideas what to show. But recently I got an inspiration to do something new. Well, this always happens when spring comes, haha. ( ̄∀ ̄)
So here's my almost first make up tutorial:

I said 'almost' because I don't really consider it a real make up tutorial. It only shows you how to conceal your flaws and highlight your beautiful natural features. :3
This is the make up I'm always using when I'm staying at home all natural and lazy and I find out that some guests are coming. Will I put full make up? No way, it's my home, my laziness palace so Imma be simple. ┏(`ー´)┛
This make up can also be used as everyday make up for teenage girls who want to start doing make up yet they don't know much about it. These are basics of highlighting.
Products I used:
uma Professional Concealer Palette
Essence Mineral Compact Powder | perfect beige
Essence Eyebrow Designer | dark brown
Lumene Eye Graphics Eye Liner Pencil | white
some really cheap black pencil lol
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fragranced Balm | cherry
BTW the intro image was made using a 3D modelling program called 'Blender'. I wrote about it in previous post about inspiration for digital art. 〜(・▽・〜)
Here are some photos I took for this tutorial:

More REAL make up tutorials are coming soon!~