Dino nails

What a weird title, right?

Well, for those who know me more personal know, that I'm terrible at nail art, I lack patience to wait for nail polish to dry, to draw again, wait to dry again, then apply top coat and....wait AGAIN...

BUT fortunately I somehow found inspiration for nail art in myself, I'm even planning to buy some nail art tools. 8D

But since I don't have them atm, I did some polka dot art with...chopsticks hahahaha:

Okay so it came out really weird. At first I was like: ooooo ladybugs!! And then I was like: no, that's just too weird...

Seriously, this looks like some kind of dino with dots ahahaha:


LOOOOOOL. Well, we need to find some colours and fun patterns to brighten our dark autumn days. Especially when daylight saving time ended... ><

Keep you mood up! (turning to green, I need bright colours! haha)
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