Dangerous vanilla muffins

Oh yes. They surely are dangerous. I start to lose my will when I eat them. I invited my boyfriend to come over when I baked them and from 20 muffins only 6 were left in about few hours. Terribles (lol, don't even ask my vocabulary)!!

So today I want to share recipe with you because I don't want to feel bad eating them like crazy, I want YOU to eat them as much as I do. (⊙ヮ⊙) (wtf) *doesn't want to get fat alone*

Yes, I edited this... /facepalm

So here's the recipe.

You will need:
♣ 120 g room temperature butter
♣ 180 g sugar
♣ 185 g flour
♣ 1 ts baking powder (not soda)
♣ 2 eggs
♣ 125 ml milk
♣ few drops of vanilla essence or 1 ts of vanilla sugar

Grind butter with sugar well. It must be fluffy. 
Mix eggs with mass one by one. 
Pour milk, flour and baking powder.
Add vanilla essence or vanilla sugar.

Done! Now get your muffin pans ready!!!

I bought these beauties before Christmas yet I'm trying them for the first time now. They are so fun, colourful and cute!! (゜▼゜*)

My silicon pans have these cute muffin riffles and they don't stick so I decided not to add any muffin paper... And it was a good decision! No needed.

SO. I greased my muffin pans a bit and poured dough to fill 1/2 of it. You can pour to 2/3 but I wanted them to be tiny so.. Hehehe.

Get you oven ready by heating it to 180°C.

My experience: while I was waiting till oven is ready I couldn't understand what's wrong with it. I waited for so long and it still haven't reached desired temperature! So apparently I forgot to take of pan that was laying on the bottom of oven. When I was hurrying (don't know why the hurry though) I burnt my finger. Yay... I was so mad at that pan that I threw it in the hallway...


Anyways, when your oven is ready put your baby muffins into it!

And bake till they get nice golden colour. ♥

IT'S DONE  (●♡∀♡)

They're soooo tasty and beautiful!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

My experience: I would like them to be more puffier so I'll try putting 1,5 ts of baking powder next time. And perhaps bake them a little less because their top was a bit too crunchy compared to their cute and soft inside nom nom. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

It's so easy right?? That's why I need my friend +Kevin Seedorf (check out his Twitter!) to make these too. They're amazing. Kevin, I promise you will look as happy as those people on TV making food. ≖‿≖

Recipe source: “Dania słodkie”, Wega delbana Polska

Have fun and good luck!!
You're free to post YOUR muffins in the comments below;