Chopsticks hairstyle

Hello everybody!!!

I wasn't writing anything here for kinda long time. That a bit sucks. But you know school and stuff... Boring and tiring.

So today is my second winter vacation day! Christmas Eve too! So I guess it's like our family tradition to look nice at this evening. So I washed my hair, let them dry and I thought that today I will make a hairstyle with chopsticks. Well, I do it a lot when I'm at home. It's really comfortable you know. XD

So at evening, when I was going in the shower, I touched my bun and was so surprised, it finally come out really nice. O_O

I tried so many times that it should look like a snail, but I couln't make it that way. >.< But today was my lucky day!!! XD Geez people, tell me, why all hairstyles and make-ups went good when you aren't going anywhere..? XDD

Oh! And I also noticed, that my hair looks really nice in this hairstyle from the back. And I really have nice hair color. Wow... O_o XDD

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