One day job

YAY!~ So, I started to write this blog, and I think I'm getting better at blogging and really happy about that! ^^ Well, it's the first entry that worked good, so I decided to show you some handmade stuff. :3

 I really wanted (and needed) to buy a cap. You see, I can't really walk freely in the summer. 'Cause I can't be on the sun for a long time. So, I decided to look for a cap. Walked sooo long and didn't find ANYTHING interesting and nice. :/ So, I just chose the best looking, one color cap and bought it. It cost me about 11 LTL/ $ 4,69 / € 3,18 / £ 2,88 / ¥ 413,26 (yeah, I love converting money... XD). It looked so boring, so I just decided to add some fun. :P I thought about flowers or something... But it was too childish or too common. Soooo, thinking about my passion to Japan and Asia, I made THIS  to come out. :D It took just one day to start and to finish it. The sign is in Japanese. This is kanji AI and means LOVE. I think it's kawaii. :P Maybe I will make something in other Asian languages. ^^ Ah... It's winter. So it'll be hard to find summer caps. I think I will wait 'till spring. XDD So... Say what you think about this hand-crafted cap? ^^

 Hug all kawaii people who loved this! ^^

 Hand-crafted ~Rinatsu~ XD
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